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Chapter 860: The Naughty Idol (9)

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“Aww, sister, why are you blushing?” Someone tugged lightly at An Xiaxia’s dress. Looking down, she saw a chubby, fair little girl who was licking a lollipop the size of her head as she spoke to An Xiaxia in her baby voice.

An Xiaxia recognized the girl. She was Meatball, the little princess of Gu Zichen, who was Sheng Yize’s good friend.

“Meatball, you’re here. Where are your mum and dad?” An Xiaxia rubbed her head with a smile.

Meatball remembered who she was and answered, “Mummy is tired and needs to sleep. Daddy is with her.”

What? Sleeping at this hour?

An Xiaxia practically had question marks popping out of her head. Licking her lolipop, Meatball seemed to see her confusion and said in an adorable voice, “Auntie, you’re dumb dumb! It’s so simple!”

“Um…” After being laughed at by the kid, An Xiaxia looked up at Sheng Yize, who smiled back at her and played dumb. “I have no idea either.”

Holding An Xiaxia’s leg with one arm, Meatball explained, “Of course it’s because mummy was naughty, so daddy punished her and she’s tired!”

An Xiaxia was shocked. “Meatball, does your dad hit your mum?!”

That idol-like Gu Zichen looked so civil and haughty. Was he the type that would punish his wife?!

Hit mummy?

When she eavesdropped outside their bedroom, she did hear her mummy say something about how “it hurts”…

Meatball nodded. “I think so.”

“Sweetheart, don’t be afraid. Auntie will protect you. How about… you come live with us?” An Xiaxia picked Meatball up sympathetically and the little girl was elated. “Great! I want to sleep with my boyfriend!”

Sheng Yize couldn’t hold back his laughter anymore. Clearing his throat, he said, “I’m gonna step out for a minute.”

“Huh?” An Xiaxia gave him a quizzical look, then took Meatball to see little Cola.

“Meatball, you’re older than Cola. I’m not sure he can be your boyfriend,” said An Xiaxia, sounding distressed.

Grandpa Sheng smiled wholeheartedly when he saw the adorable little girl. “Of course he can be her boyfriend! Cola won’t mind at all!”

Meatball tilted her head and examined Cola.

“That’s ok. I can wait for Cola to grow up!” Little Meatball clenched her fists and said solemnly.

An exasperated voice rang out at that moment. “Gu. Wei. Yi!”

An Xiaxia followed the voice and saw the boy from last time. He had grown a little taller and looked more handsome than before. After bowing politely at Grandpa and Grandma Sheng, he greeted An Xiaxia. “Nice to meet you, Mrs. Sheng.”

An Xiaxia needed a moment to react to this formal address from a boy. Only then did she realize that she was holding his sister.

“Meatball, do you want to go to your brother?”

Meatball’s eyes darted this way and that. She then reached out to Fang Mo, saying in a sweet voice, “Brother, take me~”

With a grim face, Fang Mo took her from An Xiaxia.

“Brother, my boyfriend’s here. Let me introduce you!” Meatball gestured at little Cola.

Cola smacked his lips and blew some bubbles.

“Heh.” Fang Mo chuckled once. “Boyfriend?”


“He’s younger than you and he’ll probably take your lollipops in the future. Are you sure you want him as your boyfriend?” Fang Mo reminded her in a threatening tone.

Little Meatball looked petrified and waved her hands. “No! No, I don’t want him!”

No boyfriend was as important as her candy!

Pfft —

An Xiaxia couldn’t help but laugh. Fang Mo nodded in satisfaction, the smile on his face full of schemes.