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Chapter 859: The Naughty Idol (8)

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His voice was steady, forceful, and had an intimidating tone to it. Sheng Qingyi’s face drained of all color and his lips quivered.


After everything he had done, he couldn’t find any excuse for himself.

He had indeed tried to kill An Xiaxia once and had done all he could to separate the young couple.

“I’m still the babies’ grandfather. Even a tiger won’t hurt its offspring. How can I do anything to harm them?” Sheng Qingyi said obsequiously, completely unlike his old arrogant self.

Sheng Yize was so angry that he burst out laughing. He then said calmly, “That wasn’t what you said when you broke my leg back then.”

Sheng Qingyi looked embarrassed when he was reminded of his outrageous conduct in the past. His legs almost gave out. “That has all passed…”

“Passed? Not for me, never.” Sheng Yize’s voice was cold as winter. “If you really cherish Cola and Pepsi as your grandchildren, tell me now: who made that phone call to Xiaxia back then and threatened her into leaving me?”

Sheng Qingyi went silent.

One minute, two minutes… after five minutes had passed, Sheng Yize smiled sarcastically. “Fine, don’t tell me. I’ll find out myself one day. I gave you a chance, but you just wasted it!”

He left promptly, leaving Sheng Qingyi behind, who sighed in a dispirited manner.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to tell Sheng Yize, but that that person had something on him, and he couldn’t talk.

After that farce, Sheng Yize upgraded the security detail for An Xiaxia and the babies yet again.

On the day of the party, a lot of guests arrived at the hotel on the island. Sheng Yize stood at the entrance to greet the guests when a cloying voice called out from afar, “Yize, congratulations.”

Sheng Yize cast her a stern look sharper than a blade. Intimidated by his manner, the person corrected herself right away. “I mean, Mr. Sheng.”

“Miss Li, please come in,” Sheng Yize said indifferently. He hadn’t sent any invitation to the Li family and the woman had arrived uninvited. Was she plotting something again?

After sending someone to keep an eye on Li Fanxing, he heard the hubbub of voices inside. Grandpa and Grandma Sheng had just come out, each holding a baby.

The elderly couple couldn’t stop smiling, apparently enjoying being great-grandparents very much. Even Sheng Yize smiled at this, which was very rare for him.

An Xiaxia had come out as well. Sheng Yize went up to her and took her arm. “Are you hungry? Do you need some rest?”

“I’ve only just come out.” An Xiaxia didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “I’m turning into a pig after staying in bed for a month. Hm… I still need to lose a few pounds. Do you find me not attractive enough?”

Sheng Yize looked down. An Xiaxia wore a knee-length red dress today, revealing her slim, straight legs. She had gained some weight around her waist, but it was covered up very well by the dress. Her smile was gentle and more womanly than before. Her glowing, beautiful face attracted much attention.

“You’re fabulous,” Sheng Yize extolled.



“Do you think I’m prettier before or after I became a mother?” All women cared about their looks, and An Xiaxia was no exception.

Sheng Yize pondered for a moment, then answered in a low voice, “I still think you look the best when you’re sleeping.”


What the hell?

An Xiaxia looked confused. Sheng Yize coughed into his hand, fighting back laughter.

An Xiaxia only realized what he was suggesting after a long moment and punched him with flushed cheeks. “Sheng Yize… Y- you’re hopeless!”

Pinching her plump cheeks, he teased, “Am I wrong? Hm?”

An Xiaxia felt like crying.

There was nothing like a naughty idol…