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Chapter 857: The Naughty Idol (6)

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An Xiaxia was so bewildered that she couldn’t process the information.

“Missing? What do you mean?” Su Xiaomo was equally confused.

Luckily, He Jiayu’s brain was still working. He asked calmly, “When did this happen and who took them?”

The nurse was on the verge of crying and shook her head repeatedly. “I – I don’t know…”

She had just sent the babies back and gone to the toilet. When she got back, the two babies were nowhere to be found.

He Jiayu asked Su Xiaomo to look after An Xiaxia, then went out to give Sheng Yize a phone call.

Sheng Yize’s face turned livid the moment he heard the news.

Missing? His children?

How on earth could that happen? After the last incident, he had set up even more bodyguards than one could count for An Xiaxia and the two babies. How could someone just snatch them away without being noticed?

Grinding his teeth, he hung up.

When Sheng Yize arrived at the hospital in a hurry, An Xiaxia was sitting in bed in a fluster. Her eyes brimmed with tears and Su Xiaomo was doing all she could to console An Xiaxia.

“Xiaxia… Don’t worry. I’m sure they’ll be fine. Shhh, there… Why, how about you hold Cuddlie for a while?” Su Xiaomo then stuffed Cuddlie into her arms.

Cuddlie was still crying. After patting her for a moment, An Xiaxia couldn’t help but cry along with her.

Sheng Yize’s stomach lurched. He hurried to her side and said in a low voice, “Xiaxia, don’t cry…”

“Sheng Yize, where are the babies? Have you found them?” An Xiaxia’s eyes were as red as a rabbit’s and she gingerly tugged his sleeve, fearing bad news.

“There, there. Don’t worry. We’ll find them and the babies will be fine. Don’t be afraid. I’m here.” Sheng Yize’s mellow, deep voice reminded her of a cello, and somehow was able to give her a sense of security.

An Xiaxia fought back her tears and nodded repeatedly.

Grandpa Sheng, Grandma Sheng, Papa An, and the rest of the family had also arrived, all panic-stricken.

What worried An Xiaxia the most was that the two babies might have been taken away by the mysterious caller…

If that was the case…

She couldn’t help but shudder. Holding her knees, her tears finally rolled down her cheeks.

“Stop crying and toughen up! Otherwise you’ll break down before the babies are back!” An Yibei scolded in his cold voice. “You’re a mother now and you need to be strong! No more tears!”

An Xiaxia whimpered a little, then wiped her tears away.

Sheng Yize wrapped her in his arms and listened to the briefing from his assistant.

All the bodyguards had been sent away and the person had somehow evaded all the cameras in the hospital. There was no lead to follow.

Just when everyone was worried sick, that same nurse rushed in again, shouting in jubilation. “They’re back! The babies are back!”

That baffled everyone in the room.

What the heck? The month-old babies couldn’t have just walked off on their own!

“Who brought them back?” Sheng Yize looked like he was ready to execute someone.

“He said he’s their grandfather…” said the nurse gingerly.

Hearing those words, Sheng Yize marched out of the room.

In the VIP ward specially set up for Cola and Pepsi, Sheng Qingyi was still standing there, watching the two babies in the incubators affectionately.

Maybe it was because of his old age, or maybe it came naturally for grandparents, but he just couldn’t bring himself to part with the two babies. The longer he stayed with them, the more he loved them.

“What are you doing here?!” Sheng Yize charged in ferociously. Sheng Qingyi replied timidly, “I – I’m here to see the babies…”

Sheng Yize smirked and said mercilessly, “Get lost!”