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Chapter 856: The Naughty Idol (5)

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“What?” Her father was shocked.

A long moment passed before he spoke again, the expression on his face wild with joy. “Is that true, Fanxing?”

“Yes,” replied Li Fanxing obediently.

Her father rubbed his hands, ecstatic. “Good! Great! Fanxing, you really are my good girl! Song Shi doesn’t have any Song family shares himself, but he’s been managing An Xiaxia’s all along. With this child, surely she’ll show us some consideration for Song Shi’s sake. Go to An Xiaxia and ask her for money to help us out!”

Li Fanxing hesitated. “But if I do that… How am I supposed to get married in the future?”

The prospects of finding a good husband for an unwed pregnant woman would be quite bleak.

Her father looked disappointed. “Which do you think is more important? Our family business or your marriage? Didn’t you say you’d help me out no matter what?”

Li Fanxing lowered her eyes and felt conflicted inside. After a very long pause, she nodded slightly. “Alright.”

“Good. I was told that An Xiaxia is going to throw a party for her babies’ first-month celebration. Go with some presents and be nice. Get as much money as you can. Understand?”

Li Fanxing clenched her fists and nodded slowly.

Their family business wasn’t what it used to be. First, it was the Qi family that had given them a hard time, followed by the Song family. The Sheng family had also canceled all their joint projects. The Li family was an empty shell now and was in desperate need of capital.

The entire family busied themselves around the clock for the party for little Cola and Pepsi.

Thinking that An Xiaxia might be bored, Su Xiaomo took little Cuddlie over to keep her company.

Little Cuddlie was slightly older now and had already grown into a beautiful baby girl.

And she didn’t mind whose arms she lay in. When An Xiaxia picked her up, she neither cried nor screamed, but only sucked her finger and blinked at An Xiaxia, which made An Xiaxia’s heart melt.

“Little Cuddlie, do marry my little Cola after you grow up.”

“But she’s a tiny bit older than Cola. How do you feel about girls dating younger boys?” Su Xiaomo was a little wistful.

“You have a point.”

The two women sat there, conflicted inside.

“Speaking of which, Cuddlie hasn’t met Cola yet. How about… we set them up on a date first?” Su Xiaomo rubbed her chin.

“They’re way too young for a date! They’re meeting each other! That’s all!” An Xiaxia was baffled.

“Teehee, whatever.” The two of them grinned, then asked the nurses to fetch Cola and Pepsi.

Su Xiaomo took Cuddlie to the incubator and teased her. “Here, Cuddlie, meet your future husband. What do you think?”

Cuddlie looked around, then saw Cola in the incubator and began to babble.

Obviously, what she said made no sense at all to them. An Xiaxia and Su Xiaomo exchanged looks, and had no idea what she was trying to say.

Although… she looked rather happy.

Seeing that her mother wasn’t responding, Cuddlie gestured at Cola first, then stuffed her finger back in her mouth and sucked with all her might.

Su Xiaomo was dumbfounded. “Hey, I asked you to pick a husband, not eat him!”

“Blawalala…” Cuddlie kept gnawing on her hand until it was covered in her saliva.

An Xiaxia didn’t know what to make of it. “Does she like him or not?”

“She’s enjoying eating her hand so much… I guess she likes him, then?”


Shortly after the nurse took Cola and Pepsi away, He Jiayu arrived. He took Cuddlie from Su Xiaomo’s arms and began to hum a tune. Before long, the baby was fast asleep.

“Where are Cola and Pepsi?” he asked.

An Xiaxia was going to answer when the nurse rushed in and screamed in a panicked voice, “Mrs. Sheng, your babies are missing…”

“Waa —” Cuddlie was woken up and began to cry loudly.