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Chapter 854: The Naughty Idol (3)

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An Xiaxia looked like she had question marks popping out of her head. Excuse me? How had he reached that conclusion?

She swallowed with difficulty. “Aren’t you supposed to… feel full of remorse, become all sentimental, and then decide to become a good man from now on…”

Qi Yanxi gave her a suspicious look. “Why would I do that? Being a good person isn’t fun at all. I’d rather be bad.”

The only thing An Xiaxia could think of now was: … Why does he sound so right and why can’t I think of a way to talk back?

“Fine… as long as you’re happy,” An Xiaxia said in resignation.

Qi Yanxi smiled wholeheartedly.

It had been a while since An Xiaxia last saw such a carefree smile on his face.

“Before I become a bad person, there’s something really bad I want to do…” Qi Yanxi stared at An Xiaxia with a brooding look in his eyes.

An Xiaxia was puzzled. “What?”

A handsome face then filled her sight as Qi Yanxi suddenly moved closer — so close that she could almost feel his eyelashes on her skin. There was a teasing smile on his face.

He then wrapped his arms around her.

He gave her a big hug.

Burying his head in An Xiaxia’s neck, Qi Yanxi rubbed his face against it before straightening back up in satisfaction. “Tsk, tsk. It’s true, then. It feels so nice to hug someone else’s wife~”

“Qi Yanxi! You’re nuts!” An Xiaxia yelled.

Qi Yanxi jumped to his feet, grinning, and caught her hand. The look on his face turned serious all of a sudden as he said, “An Xiaxia, remember this: be happy. If Blacky Sheng doesn’t treat you well, don’t be afraid. Just come to me! I’ll get back at him for you!”

“Can you beat him?” She didn’t sound convinced.

Qi Yanxi was silent for a moment before he roared in exasperation, “I’ll take his blows for you! Satisfied?”

An Xiaxia looked distressed. “But he won’t hit me. He could never bring himself to do that to me.”

“…” Be nice to single people, will you…

He put An Xiaxia’s hand on his chest.

“I’m happy that you’re married.

“I’m happy that you’re a mother now.

“I’m so happy that after seven long years, you and Sheng Yize are finally back together.

“My heart has skipped many times for you before. I’m always happy to know that you’re happy.”

Qi Yanxi grinned. “But, I’ve decided to give up. From now on, my heart is not yours anymore.”

An Xiaxia didn’t know what to say. Qi Yanxi’s smile broadened. “My heart is my own now.”

“Hm…” An Xiaxia hesitated for a long while before saying, “So… congratulations?”

“The same to you.”

Despite the bright smile on Qi Yanxi’s face, there was a hint of dejection in his eyes.

“Apart from all the mistakes I’ve made, there is one thing that I really regret… Unfortunately, there’s no going back in time.”

“What is that?” An Xiaxia asked dumbly.

“Something I’m not going to tell you,” said Qi Yanxi in a mysterious tone. He couldn’t help but laugh when he saw the vexed look on An Xiaxia’s face at not getting an answer when her curiosity had been aroused. “See you, little Dummy Xia.”

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going to travel the world.” Qi Yanxi rose to his feet. “Bye.”

He didn’t wait for An Xiaxia’s reply and opened the door.

Sheng Yize was standing right outside.

The corner of Qi Yanxi’s mouth twitched. “I thought we agreed: no eavesdropping.”

The scheming guy said matter-of-factly, “Eavesdropping? I was only listening.”

Qi Yanxi was speechless. When it came to shamelessness, he could never be Sheng Yize’s match…

“What’s that thing you regret?” Sheng Yize asked in a serious tone.

Instinct told him that it had something to do with An Xiaxia.