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Chapter 849: I’m Not the Murderer (8)

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He watched with an indifferent look on his face and his hands behind his back. Before he left, he grabbed the chief by his collar and said, “I need an explanation for this!”

“Yes. Yes, of course…”

When he arrived at the hospital, burning with anxiety, he found both He Jiayu and Su Xiaomo there. Seeing him, Su Xiaomo looked evasive and wouldn’t look him in the eye.

“How is she?” He sounded extremely concerned.

Ahem… She, she’s fine… Don’t worry.”

Su Xiaomo didn’t dare tell him the truth, seeing how agitated he was.

She had no doubt that if she did, Sheng Yize would tear this hospital down.

“Tell me.” Sheng Yize turned to He Jiayu, who cleared his throat and said in resignation, “You need to calm down first.”

“Tell me!”

He Jiayu sighed. “Xiaxia… is going into labor.”

Sheng Yize looked like he was going to collapse. He stood motionless on the spot, not knowing what to do.

An Xiaxia was seven months pregnant at most…

Seven months… premature labor…

The words rang over and over in Sheng Yize’s mind. His knees buckled and his legs almost gave out.

Supporting himself on the wall, he found it hard to breathe.

He Jiayu shook his head. “It’s almost certain that she’ll have a difficult labor… Moreover, we’re not sure if the babies can survive after they’re born.”

Su Xiaomo covered his mouth with a hand. “Stop it!”

She turned to Sheng Yize, trying to comfort him, but her words sounded so hollow. “Sheng Yize, don’t panic. Cutie He is a doctor and he’s used to making things sound much worse than they really are. It’s not as bad as he described. Look at how easy my labor was!”

Her forced chuckle was the only sound in the quiet corridor.

Su Xiaomo laughed and laughed, then she burst into tears.

He Jiayu pulled her into his arms and said gently, “Don’t cry… everything will be alright.”

Tears just kept coming. Su Xiaomo had never thought that in the mere two days An Xiaxia had been away, she would turn from a carefree mother-to-be into someone with her life hanging in the balance.

Sheng Yize punched a window next to him.

The glass shattered with a crack and the broken pieces fell all over the floor.

Staring at the door to the operating room, Sheng Yize was so anxious that even the mole under his eye seemed to turn red.

When they were little, An Xiaxia had always been the crybaby and he the impassive one. Grandma Song used to say that he must have misplaced his tear mole1, for An Xiaxia shed all his tears for him.

Right now, he wished more than anything that he could take all the pain and tears for her. Unfortunately, of the countless things he was able to do, giving birth wasn’t one of them.

“Yize…” He Jiayu called his name, but Sheng Yize ignored his friend. He took out his phone and dialed a number.

In an indifferent and emotionless voice, he began to give orders methodically.

“Find out how Song Shi died… And, find out who framed Xiaxia…”

Waiting was a torturous experience.

An Yibei, Papa An, Grandpa and Grandma Sheng… the whole family set out on a plane and flew to the island that An Xiaxia was on.

Putting her palms together, Grandma Sheng prayed for An Xiaxia with bloodshot eyes. “Dear Buddha, please help my Xiaxia through this… help her and the babies. No, all I want is for Xiaxia to be safe!”

“That’s all superstitious nonsense!” Grandpa Sheng was the puritanical type and scolded Grandma Sheng for her prayers. However, he couldn’t help but pray for Xiaxia himself in his head.

Seeing that a natural birth was out of the question, the doctors performed a C-section.

The two babies were taken out in turn, but the operating room remained quiet.

Neither of them cried or made any sound at all.