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Chapter 848: I’m Not the Murderer (7)

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The chief was noticeably bewildered and the man repeated in English, “Where is my wife?”

“Sh- she’s inside…”

The man kicked him out of the way and marched in.

Someone showed the way for him and he soon reached the cell An Xiaxia was in.

An Xiaxia had huddled up in a corner and was only half-conscious because of the pain. Her eyes were tightly shut and she looked like an abandoned puppy.

“Xiaxia…” Sheng Yize called in a low voice. A police officer unlocked the door for him. He walked in and picked An Xiaxia up.

Her long lashes quivered, then she opened her eyes slightly. Seeing Sheng Yize, her bloodless lips trembled.

Her voice was so tiny that it took Sheng Yize a moment to make out her words.

“The babies… I’m losing the babies…” she sobbed. Her voice sounded so despairing that his heart jolted.

“Don’t worry… as long as you’re alright… We’re going to the hospital now! Xiaxia, stay with me. Don’t fall asleep…” Sheng Yize said repeatedly and carried her out in quick steps.

An ambulance was waiting right outside and Sheng Yize lifted her in. He had touched one of her injuries without realizing it and An Xiaxia shuddered in pain.

Under the light in the ambulance, Sheng Yize saw the wound on her head.

The bleeding had stopped and he hadn’t noticed it before because of her long hair. Moving closer, he saw dry blood streaked across her forehead like a hideous centipede.

This was only on her head. What more would he find on her body…

Sheng Yize clenched his fists and didn’t dare follow that train of thought.

He Jiayu arrived in a hurry at that moment after receiving the news. “How’s Xiaxia?”

“Please take her to the hospital for me.” Sheng Yize tried his best to keep his voice calm.

He Jiayu nodded, then gave him a hesitant look. “What are you going to do…”

“Something that needs to be done!”

With a grim look on his face, he entered the police station.

“Who did that to her? Step out!” His growl rang out in the room, his intimidating manner making everyone’s knees buckle.

Those that had hit her cringed and didn’t dare come out. Sheng Yize smirked, then shot the chief in his thigh. “Speak!”

“Aaah –” The chief screamed in pain, but the others didn’t dare move.

They knew those people outside.

Those were the mercenaries of the Fang and Bai families.

The man was able to get help from these two families so quickly – he had to be someone of great importance himself!

“If you won’t tell me, then… how about you all die together?” Sheng Yize scanned the room, and there was a murderous look in his eyes.

Someone refused to go down like this and gave up the interrogators and those that had hit An Xiaxia.

The culprits knelt down before Sheng Yize, making a rather sorry picture. Sheng Yize smiled a little and bent down toward them. “I won’t kill you. That’ll dirty my hands.”

Those men sighed with relief, thinking that he was letting them go. However, Sheng Yize’s tone changed. “Only one of you can come out alive! You can decide for yourselves who lives and who dies.”

One of them realized what that meant right away. He drew out his gun immediately and fired at the two men beside him.

Another man then kicked his gun away and the two tussled, throwing punches at each other and holding nothing back!

Better to kill than be killed!

Before long, only one man remained standing, but he was guffawing like a crazy person.

Everyone else at the scene was scared out of their wits. The man didn’t take any action himself, but in a couple of minutes, three men were dead at his merciless command.

As for the sole survivor… even if he could escape the death penalty, he would probably end up in jail for life.

This man was relentless!