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Chapter 839: When Love Has Vanished (8)

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After so many years, he finally learned from Mu Li herself that he had fallen in love with the wrong girl.

Neither of them said anything; all they could hear over the phone was each other’s breathing.

Mu Li choked with sobs. “I was the one who saved you…”

Had she not heard Qi Yanxi’s muttering after he had gotten drunk the other day, Mu Li would never have known that she was the one Qi Yanxi should have been in love with back then.

Qi Yanxi remained silent, but his fingers couldn’t help but tremble.

He had really thought that Li Fanxing was the girl who had protected him, and what he had felt at that moment was genuine love.

He had spared no effort to make Li Fanxing happy, even when she used him, ordered him around and mocked him, for he still remembered that slim figure in a white dress who had stood between him and a wine bottle.

Her slick and warm blood had splashed all over his face, and that pungent smell of blood mixed with alcohol was something he would never forget.

But now, Mu Li was telling him that it wasn’t Li Fanxing who had saved him back then, but her?

“Mu Li…” Only when Qi Yanxi began to speak did he realize that his mouth was unbelievably dry.

He didn’t know what to say.

Mu Li wiped her tears. “Is there… no future for us?”

If Li Fanxing hadn’t taken her place back then, would Qi Yanxi have liked her the way he had liked Li Fanxing? Would they have become a couple early on, gotten married, had kids, and lived as happily as any other happy couple?

“I’m sorry.” Qi Yanxi came back to his senses. “We missed that train, Mu Li. There’s no going back.”

Fate ran its own course. They had no way of breaking free of it, and could only follow along.

Mu Li’s face turned white as a sheet, but Qi Yanxi had already hung up.

She fell back in her chair, her smile despairingly beautiful.

After a while, she said, “I’ll take nothing… not the estates, nor the shares.”

The lawyer was surprised. “Nothing?”

That was a first. No one would say no to a bigger alimony.

Mu Li shook her head. “Nothing.”

“Alright.” After all, the purpose of the meeting today was to have Mu Li sign the divorce papers, and the lawyer didn’t linger on this issue. He soon drew up a new agreement.

Mu Li’s hands were shaking so badly that it took her several minutes to sign her name.

After the lawyer left, she wrapped her arms around herself and burst into loud sobs.

She had never thought much about dignity, but this time, she decided she needed the self-respect.

Back at the flat.

Having nothing better to do, An Xiaxia was flipping through a comic book, while Sheng Yize sat on the tatami mat beside her, working on his laptop.

“What’s that on your screen?” An Xiaxia moved closer curiously.

“It’s the k-line chart,” he explained.

“Huh?” An Xiaxia looked dumbfounded.

Sheng Yize was silent for a moment before he switched to a simpler term. “Stock price.”

“I see… That looks amazing…” Knowing next to nothing about managing financial affairs, An Xiaxia said with genuine admiration, “Hubby, you’re so clever!”


“…” And he just took the compliment for granted! How arrogant!

An Xiaxia watched the screen for a little while and found all the red and green very confusing. She sighed, unable to stand it anymore.

Our scheming guy immediately realized that his little wife was bored.

“Wanna take a nap? Or watch a movie?” He wrapped her in his arms.

An Xiaxia wriggled on his lap, adjusted herself into a comfortable position, and said in a diffident voice, “Well… can I…”


An Xiaxia opened her eyes wide. “I haven’t even told you what I want and you’re already saying no?”

“Oh? So what do you want?”

Vexed, An Xiaxia pushed him down. “I want to ravish you!”