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Chapter 835: When Love Has Vanished (4)

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“Uglie doesn’t sound like a suitable name for a girl…” He Jiayu picked his words carefully. “How about something similar? Like Cuddlie?”

Su Xiaomo only agreed after a long moment of hesitation.

However, An Xiaxia bought her version right away and even pondered for a while, rubbing her chin. “What names should I give my babies?”

“Let’s call them Baby Girl and Baby Boy! Nice and easy! I bet your husband will like them!”

“… I think he’s more likely to break my leg.”

“I don’t think he’ll go as far as that. However… he’ll probably keep you in bed for two weeks,” Su Xiaomo said teasingly, which made An Xiaxia blush. “What are you talking about?! It’s broad daylight!”

Su Xiaomo made a face at her. Little Cuddlie was full now and was huddled up in her mother’s arms, fast asleep.

Another wave of envy washed over An Xiaxia. “She’s so adorable… I love her…”

“Your daughter will be Cuddlie’s BFF and your son will be her future husband!” Su Xiaomo proposed excitedly.

“But what if I have two sons?” An Xiaxia was a little concerned.

“Teehee, a love triangle? I love it!”


He Jiayu came in with some soup while the two women were still talking. The couple immediately ignored An Xiaxia and started their lovey-dovey interaction again.

An Xiaxia didn’t want to be the third wheel, so she left the ward.

Sheng Yize stood in front of the window, playing with a cigarette. His face was expressionless except for a big frown.

An Xiaxia stood on tiptoe and rubbed the spot between his eyebrows. “Don’t frown. You’ll get wrinkles.”

Sheng Yize took her hand in his and smiled at her. “Done playing with the baby?”

“Yes!” An Xiaxia nodded and gestured in excitement. “She’s so soft and so adorable. She’s just about this big… cute as a button…”

Despite her joy, Sheng Yize felt a bitter taste in his mouth.

Both of them knew perfectly well that their babies wouldn’t come as easily.

It was even possible that… they would have stillborn babies or that their children would be kept in incubators and struggle to live on injections…

The more he thought about it, the more anxious he became. An Xiaxia seemed to sense this and tugged his hand. She gave him a sweet smile. “You can smoke if you want. I won’t stop you.”

Sheng Yize rubbed her head. “That’s ok. I don’t need it.”

He threw the cigarette into the bin, and after a moment of silence, he still told An Xiaxia about the news he had just received.

“Qi Yanxi and Mu Li are getting a divorce.”


Back at home.

Mu Li stubbornly wouldn’t sign the divorce papers. The lawyer whom Qi Yanxi had sent had a mild temperament and said with a smile, “Miss Mu, are you not satisfied with the division of property?”

Mu Li’s eyes brimmed with tears. Qi Yanxi was quite decent with her. He was going to give her a few estates and wasn’t going to take back her shares.

“I want to see him…” Biting her lip, Mu Li begged the lawyer.

The lawyer remained unmoved. He only said, “Feel free to contact me when you’re ready.”

Mu Li’s eyes darted around, and she then asked, “Mr. Lu, may I borrow your phone for a moment?”

The lawyer was a little surprised by the request, but still handed her his phone.

Mu Li dialed the number she had remembered so well and the call soon went through.

She felt a bitter taste in her mouth. So, her phone calls were the only ones he wouldn’t pick up.

“Yes?” She heard Qi Yanxi’s deep voice from the other end.

Mu Li played her last card. “Yanxi… Do you remember what happened that time at the bar Setting Moon?”

Qi Yanxi’s breathing immediately turned shallow. “What do you mean?”