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Chapter 831: My Mummy Is a Fairy (2)

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The couple on the bed sat up properly right away and He Jiayu smiled when he saw them. “This is a pleasant surprise.”

Su Xiaomo said calmly, “Hey, guys. Say what you want and leave us in peace!”

“Pfft…” An Xiaxia couldn’t hold back her laughter anymore. “Stop acting already, you two. Well, I’m glad to see you’re as loving as ever. Go back to whatever you were doing… We’ll leave you in peace…”

She then promptly dragged Sheng Yize away.

The couple on the bed sighed in relief. Su Xiaomo was abashed, which was very rare for her. She then hid under the duvet and wouldn’t come out no matter what He Jiayu said.

“You’ll smother yourself in there…” He Jiayu said in resignation.

“Leave me alone.” Su Xiaomo’s muffled voice came from under the duvet. He Jiayu patted her. “I’ll cook us some lunch. What do you want?”

Su Xiaomo cheered up at the mention of food. She stuck her head out from under the duvet and said, “I want big chunks of meat and some liquor to wash it down!”

“…” He Jiayu slowly pushed her head back in. “I think you can play dead for a bit longer.”

Did this woman even realize that she was pregnant?!

Despite mocking her inwardly, He Jiayu still strolled to the kitchen next door.

He quickly made two stir-fried dishes and the aroma filled the whole floor.

Apart from them, only a starlet from home lived on this floor.

At the smell of the food, she slid the door to her ward open and strutted into the kitchen.

“Mr. He, I see you’re cooking for your wife again.” Ning Jinxin greeted him with a smile.

He Jiayu nodded at her. “Hello, Miss Ning.”

Ning Jinxin wasn’t used to his nonchalance.

Back at home, men couldn’t stop throwing themselves at her feet, but this tender guy here had somehow always managed to keep his distance.

Ning Jinxin wouldn’t have it. Brushing her hair back in a seductive manner, she said, “I actually like Chinese cuisine a lot. I was wondering if Mr. He could make me something.”

He Jiayu’s smile didn’t falter at all. “There’s a Chinatown right next to the hospital. I think your manager can get whatever you want from there.”

Ning Jinxin cursed inwardly at the guy’s indifference, then leaned forward slightly, showing off her buxom 36D breasts.

However, He Jiayu acted as if she wasn’t there, keeping all his attention on the soup he was cooking.

Ning Jinxin gritted her teeth and pleaded in a piteous tone, “Mr. He… My manager has to go back home for some business and I’m all alone here. Can I come to you if I run into some problem?”

He Jiayu smiled again. “The hospital has excellent service here. I trust they’ll be more than happy to meet all your requests.”

After two refusals in a row, Ning Jinxin realized that the man had no interest in her whatsoever. However, proud as she was, she couldn’t let it drop. Her eyes darting around, she said in a tone dripping with acid, “I’ve always been told that Mr. He left showbiz at a young age because of a woman. But the paparazzi photos later revealed that Mr. He is married to a shrewish wife and has no say in domestic affairs. I see now that they were telling the truth.”

Being branded as uxorious wasn’t exactly something many men wanted to brag about.

However, He Jiayu wasn’t one of them. He only smiled. “I love her and that’s why I want to indulge her. If that’s called being afraid of my wife, so be it.”

In other words: the more they said he was afraid of her, the more he actually loved her!

Ning Jinxin’s face froze. He Jiayu then twisted the knife and added, “By the way, Miss Ning, I see that your chin is lopsided. Shall I push it back for you?”