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Chapter 830: My Mum Is a Fairy (1)

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Shouldn’t she be hating An Xiaxia, hating Qi Yanxi, and hating the entire world?

Those overwhelmed by hatred were maniacs, and Mu Li’s mania was exactly what Li Fanxing was going to take advantage of.

Mu Li looked away and wouldn’t talk to her anymore.

Li Fanxing smirked. Fine. She still had other cards to play.

Just wait and see.

Sheng Yize put all his work on hold and went away with An Xiaxia to let her take a break.

Before getting on the plane, An Xiaxia was still confirming it repeatedly with him. “Is the company going to be alright? What if something happens? Ah… I can go by myself, you know?”

Sheng Yize tapped her head with his knuckle. “I want to keep you company, little fool.”

“Hm… I just thought you should be out there earning a college fund for our babies!”

“Sigh, it’s so hard to be a man these days. I have to rush about to make a living as well as get told off by my dear wife at the same time.” Sheng Yize pretended to clean his ear with his pinky. “Don’t you worry. If the business fails, I can live off my good looks.”

An Xiaxia was flabbergasted. Mr. Idol, are you even hearing yourself?!

Several other passengers in the departure lounge darted looks of detest at Sheng Yize.

Sheng Yize acted as if they weren’t there. He even picked up An Xiaxia’s hand and raised it to caress his cheek. “Honey, is it my fault I’m handsome? Why are they all glaring at me?”

The other passengers were speechless.

“…” An Xiaxia pulled her hand back and gave him a melancholy look. “Can I have my haughty, aloof idol back?”

The plane landed on a small island.

Sheng Yize and An Xiaxia stayed in the flat for two days before he took her for a stroll.

Destination: the hospital.

Su Xiaomo could pop any day now and as a doctor, He Jiayu was all the more concerned about possible complications. Moreover, Su Xiaomo’s paranoia was getting out of control these days and the couple had simply moved into the hospital.

Sheng Yize and An Xiaxia had just reached the door to the VIP suite when they heard the bizarre conversation inside.

“He Jiayu! I’ve just come up with an idea for our baby to stand out among the crowd!”

Mr. He replied with a languid “hm.”

“After our baby is born, I’ll tell it that its mum comes from above! That way, when the baby goes to nursery school and when the other kids brag that ‘my daddy is a cop,’ ‘my mummy is a teacher,’ or ‘my dad is a lawyer,’ our baby can gracefully announce, ‘heh, my mummy is a fairy!’ Hahaha! Won’t that be so cool?”

He Jiayu shrugged imaginary shoulders.

“… As long as you’re happy with it.”

As for the baby, well, I feel sorry for you that you have a mummy like this…

Su Xiaomo switched to her drama queen mode. Seeing He Jiayu’s indifferent reaction, she pursed her lips in grievance. “You don’t love me anymore!”

“…” He only said one sentence and he didn’t love her now?

“You don’t even react when I’m talking to you.” Su Xiaomo caressed her belly in grievance. “Baby, your daddy doesn’t love you anymore. Mummy will take you away. Let’s take all his money with us and I’ll find you a new daddy!”

He Jiayu had no choice but to prove it with his actions.

Lowering his head, he kissed Su Xiaomo a few times on her lips, his voice unbelievably soft. “Momo, I love you. I love you so much. To me, you’re my baby. Will anyone not love their baby?”

Affected, Su Xiaomo said, “Really?”

“Really. Do you want to see my heart?”

The two of them exchanged cloying words as such and the scene was about to turn very “physical” when Sheng Yize cleared his throat. “Long time no see.”