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Chapter 817: Nothing Feels as Good as Sleeping With You (4)

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However, before An Xiaxia could be moved to tears, Sheng Yize shattered the pink bubbles.

“All those things are nothing compared with sleeping with you.” He blinked and said this licentious line with a straight face.

An Xiaxia: …

Mr. Idol, why are you so good at ruining the moment?

Do I have permission to punch you?

He had just turned that line which had been so romantic a moment ago into something completely different!

“Why are you so quiet?” asked Sheng Yize.

An Xiaxia said in frustration, “I’m having a hard time loving you again.”

Sheng Yize raised an eyebrow and said casually, “I just remembered that I have a dinner party to go to tonight. There will be plenty of nice food there, like cake, chicken wings, steak, just to name a few.”

An Xiaxia’s eyes sparkled. “Where?”

“Why do you ask? You just said you don’t love me. Why should I take you?”

Damn it! Threatening her with that? Shame on him!

Didn’t he have any idea how firm her moral principles were? Neither riches nor honor could lead her astray, no force could bend her, and she would not be shaken by destitution!

The next second —

“Honey, I love you~ Mwa!” An Xiaxia put her fingers together in a heart shape and gestured at Sheng Yize adorably.

The scheming guy grinned. “Well, I guess you can come as my plus one.”

Dignity and aspirations were nothing where food was concerned!

After leaving Qixia, Sheng Yize took An Xiaxia to Yuan Hotel.

The hall was already very crowded. People were bustling around exchanging pleasantries over drinks. As soon as Sheng Yize walked in, he became the center of everyone’s attention.

An Xiaxia thought that there really was a kind of person that seemed to walk around radiating light.

Sheng Yize was undoubtedly one of them.

He was remarkable and brilliant enough for everyone to look up to.

And a man like that was her husband now. That was such a sweet deal!

An Xiaxia was secretly giggling to herself when Sheng Yize held her by the waist and led her to a quiet corner. He then fetched a plate of food, set it in front of her, and slowly fed her with a fork.

An Xiaxia squinted happily after tasting the cake. She mumbled, “I can eat it myself. You can go back to your business.”

“I’m not here for business today.” Sheng Yize didn’t move.

Huh? An Xiaxia looked around the room. This was so obviously a business dinner party.

What else was he supposed to do here apart from business?

As if he could read An Xiaxia’s mind, Sheng Yize said unhurriedly, “There are more pressing matters than work.”

“Such as?” An Xiaxia suddenly felt a little nervous.

“Feeding you.”

Pffft —

How was that more pressing?!

“It’s not important at all. Don’t worry. I won’t starve without you!” An Xiaxia chewed her food, her cheeks puffing up.

“How can anything to do with you not be important?” Looking into his brooding eyes, An Xiaxia felt her heart skip a beat.

This guy was… still so irresistible when he was being flirtatious.

A female voice rang out at that inopportune moment with a cloying tone. “Mr. Sheng, I’ve been waiting for you for ages.”

An Xiaxia shivered and got goosebumps all over.

Turning around to look, she saw a woman in a pink suit, who raised an eyebrow at her, as if trying to show her muscle.

Seriously? That blatantly? How about An Xiaxia’s right as a wife?!

An Xiaxia made up her mind right away. Holding Sheng Yize’s arm, she switched to “kill mode.” “Honey~ I’m so hurt~ Feed me~”

Miss Feng, you’re not the only woman who knows how to butter a man up, ok?!