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Chapter 810: Can I Get a Gigolo Once You’re Gone? (7)

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The tearing pain brought Mu Li back to reality.

“Ah —” she cried out in pain. Tears welled up in her eyes and her fingers left marks on Qi Yanxi’s back.

Only half-conscious of what he was doing, Qi Yanxi couldn’t control his strength, which made Mu Li sob and whimper.

When it was finally over, Mu Li supported him back to their bedroom before cleaning herself up in the bathroom.

The size of her belly had grown considerably. With much difficulty, Mu Li took a shower and went back to Qi Yanxi, whispering, “Why won’t you call my name?”

People were insatiable. She had only wanted to use Qi Yanxi to get away from her old life, but when Qi Yanxi had actually married her, she realized that what she wanted was far more than that.

She didn’t want to wait eagerly for him to come back all day, only to be greeted by his indifferent voice and polite smile.

This wasn’t the Qi Yanxi she used to like.

The next day.

The sun lit up the room through a gap in the curtains, casting a glow on the chiseled face of the man.

Qi Yanxi’s eyelashes quivered. Shielding his face with one hand, he opened his eyes, still feeling sleepy.

In his arms was Mu Li, his petite wife.

The wild scene from last night gradually came back to him…

He had penetrated her over and over again, ignoring her pleas. In the end, he only finished reluctantly because she cried out, “Don’t hurt the baby.”

Qi Yanxi sat up, infuriated.

Mu Li woke up at that movement. She cringed when she saw the grim look on his face.


He raised her delicate chin suddenly and smirked. “Mu Li, how horny are you? Drug me when you’re this advanced into your pregnancy? Will it kill you if I don’t sleep with you?”

Tears welled up in Mu Li’s eyes right away and she tried to explain herself. “I – I just…”

“You just what?” Qi Yanxi threw her off in disgust. “What’s wrong with you? Do I need to get some men here to satisfy you?”

Tears streaked Mu Li’s cheeks. “That’s because I love you… Yanxi, we’re already married and we’re going to have a baby. Why won’t you even touch me? Is it because of An Xiaxia? She’s having another man’s child and you’ll never have her! Why can’t you forget her? Why can’t I take her place in your heart?”

Everything Mu Li said was right, but Qi Yanxi still chuckled self-mockingly.

“I can give you anything you want, but forgetting or loving a person isn’t as easy as you said. What you did will only make me despise you!”

He jumped out of bed, got dressed, and marched out. Mu Li panicked and ran after him. “Where are you going?”

She didn’t get a reply.

Qi Yanxi didn’t come home that night. Mu Li frantically called him dozens of times until Qi Yanxi’s assistant picked up. “Mr. Qi has left on a business trip.”

Her phone dropped to the floor and Mu Li began to wail.

An Xiaxia’s belly was showing, but she wasn’t gaining much weight. Her face looked even thinner than before she had gotten pregnant.

Sheng Yize eventually bent to her will. After taking her back home, he hired an elite medical team to discuss the baby.

The prognosis turned out to be much more optimistic than they expected. The doctors also suggested continuing with the pregnancy and the baby would receive injections and treatments immediately after birth. It would be a painstaking process, but the survival rate was quite high.

“Apart from that, we have another piece of good news,” said the attending physician with a smile. “Mr. Sheng, Mrs. Sheng, congratulations! You’re having twins!”