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Chapter 806: Can I Get a Gigolo Once You’re Gone? (3)

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An Yibei adjusted his glasses, revealing nothing on his face. “When did you get here?”

“Just now.” Sheng Yize smirked.

“Let’s talk outside. She’s sleeping.” An Yibei led the way out.

Outside the flat was a small, quiet garden surrounded by a white fence. Golden pothos twined around the fence, dotting it with little white flowers.

Sheng Yize punched An Yibei in the face. “Xiaxia is your sister!”

That was just sick!

No wonder An Yibei had been hostile toward him from the beginning; no wonder An Yibei hadn’t had a girlfriend for years; no wonder he cared about An Xiaxia so much…

Everyone thought that this just showed how close they were as siblings, but they had ignored the fact that the two of them weren’t actually related!

An Yibei said calmly, “Enjoyed that? Need to get in a few more punches?”

He also thought he had been too impulsive.

When he had noticed his feelings for An Xiaxia early on, he had decided that he would bury them in the deepest corner of his heart and never think of them again.

Never had he expected that there would come a day when he wouldn’t be able to control his feelings.

Grim-faced, Sheng Yize threw a few more punches at him until he heard An Xiaxia’s cry at the door. “Sheng Yize! Stop it!”

She was rubbing her eyes, and had clearly just woken up. Her soft voice had a little nasal sound to it, reminding one of a sulky child.

“Are you nuts? Why are you hitting my brother?” An Xiaxia pouted.

Sheng Yize raised an eyebrow. “Come home with me.”

“I’m not going back!” An Xiaxia cringed and hid behind the door. “You promised you wouldn’t force me to do anything!”

“An Xiaxia, that’s enough!” Sheng Yize was a little pissed. “You’re too old to be this willful!”

An Xiaxia was aggrieved. Why was it her fault now?

He didn’t like children. Fine, she could live with that. She could find somewhere peaceful to give birth without him.

Hadn’t she done enough?

“Shut up! What right do you have to blame her?” An Yibei stood up for An Xiaxia, his voice cold.

Sheng Yize’s face was frighteningly dark, which made An Xiaxia cringe despite herself. She said timidly, “I’m doing great here. You can go back. If you don’t like children, I’m fine raising the baby on my own… I’ll go back when you find you can love our child…”

She thought she had put it as humbly as she could, but Sheng Yize’s face seemed to darken even more. Darting An Yibei a look, he smiled self-mockingly. “You’re going to give birth here?”

“That’s right. My brother will be with me,” said An Xiaxia lightheartedly.

She had no idea that just minutes ago, her brother had kissed her.

“Brother… you call him your brother, heh…”

An Yibei rubbed his forehead. “Xiaxia, give us a minute.”

“Oh… alright…” An Xiaxia went back in obediently and even closed the door behind her.

“The root of your conflict is the child?” An Yibei went straight to the heart of the problem. “You don’t want it?”

Sheng Yize smirked. “I don’t think I need to tell you anything.”

“Explain yourself, or I won’t let Xiaxia go with you.” An Yibei’s glasses glinted coldly. Apparently, Sheng Yize didn’t frighten him at all.

“Does she know you like her that way?” Sheng Yize turned around. As expected, he saw An Yibei sway a little and his eyes looked unfocused.

“I don’t care if you two are related or not. There’s just one thing you need to know: she’s my wife!” Sheng Yize said solemnly. An Yibei smiled wryly and said, “I know that… Can we talk about the child now?”