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Chapter 803: Xiaxia Is With Child (8)

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“Oh?” Sheng Yize raised his dark eyebrows, his eyes twinkling like stars. “You know she’s pregnant, too?”

“Yup, we all know.”

So, he was the only one who had been kept in the dark?

The scheming guy suddenly looked very dangerous as he somewhat deliberately tapped the back of the chair with his long fingers. An Xiaxia tensed up right away.

Sheng Yize looked so intimidating like that…

He looked like he was going to eat someone alive.

“I didn’t tell you because I was afraid you wouldn’t like the baby,” An Xiaxia cajoled in her soft, sweet voice. “You promised you wouldn’t get angry, over our pinky swear.”

Sheng Yize’s anger dissipated right away and he yielded.

He had to – none of his principles were worth sticking to where she was concerned.

An Xiaxia was finally able to calm down once the “murder” farce was over. Sheng Yize took the opportunity to take annual leave and stay there to keep An Xiaxia company.

It was probably because of the long flight and the fact that the climate didn’t agree with her, but An Xiaxia got sick the second day after they arrived.

She had a high fever. After trying everything to cool her down physically, the fever still wouldn’t break.

The doctor then came and prescribed her some medicine, but An Xiaxia couldn’t bring herself to take it.

Pregnant women had to be extra careful with taking medication. She couldn’t begin to imagine what she would do if the baby ended up being affected…

“You can’t just say no to all medication,” Fang Shanshan said anxiously.

An Xiaxia shook her head weakly. “Don’t worry. I can count on my immune system. I’ll be alright after a few days of rest…”

“But you’ll feel miserable like this.” Fang Shanshan stole a glance after those words.

Sheng Yize’s face was darker than she had expected. Seeing this, Fang Shanshan excused herself immediately, afraid that she would become collateral damage.

After putting a new ice pack on An Xiaxia’s forehead, Sheng Yize didn’t speak for a very long time. His expression was grim and around him, the temperature seemed to have dropped.

An Xiaxia huddled under her duvet. “I’ll take a nap…”

A while later, when Sheng Yize thought she had fallen asleep, he said in a conflicted tone, “Will you still want this baby if all it will bring you is pain? Xiaxia… how about an abortion…”

An Xiaxia shuddered with her eyes closed.


She was only pretending to be sleeping so that Sheng Yize wouldn’t worry about her.

She felt so uncomfortable that she thought her head was going to explode. Hearing those words from Sheng Yize only made An Xiaxia even more aggrieved.

She had expected that Sheng Yize wouldn’t like the news of a baby, but she had never thought that he would hate it this much.

He was actually considering getting rid of the unborn child!

As a mother, how could she not get upset?

An Xiaxia wiggled further into the duvet and turned around in bed. At an angle Sheng Yize couldn’t see, she wiped her tears.

The high fever recurred several times and days passed until An Xiaxia finally recovered.

Sheng Yize was going to take her back home after that, but An Xiaxia turned him down.

“I’d like to stay a bit longer with Shanshan.” Her smile revealed nothing.

“Alright.” Sheng Yize nodded.

He wouldn’t have a lot of time to keep her company back at home. Here, with Fang Shanshan around, she would be in a better mood.

As for the baby… it almost felt like a time bomb. He would have to consult the Song family doctor once he got back.

They had no time to waste…

Sheng Yize couldn’t get hold of An Xiaxia after he got back home.

When he called Fang Shanshan, she would pause and brush him off with some perfunctory words, but she told him the truth in the end. “Uncle, Xiaxia has left. I have no idea where she went.”