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Chapter 800: Xiaxia Is With Child (5)

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Sheng Qingyi had to fight to get his words out. “That’s right. Y- you have to listen to Xiaxia…”

Sheng Yize cast him a stern look. “Shut up!”

Sheng Qingyi tried to pry his fingers open, but Sheng Yize’s grip was frighteningly tight. He couldn’t loosen them.

Hearing the noise on the other end, An Xiaxia almost burst into tears. “D- don’t, don’t do it! You’ll become a criminal! Sheng Yize, don’t…”

Was she going to tell their child that their father had killed someone?

And that the person he had killed was their grandfather?

There were ways to handle Sheng Qingyi other than killing him; it might be a great way to relieve anger, but it also came with very severe repercussions.

Sheng Yize breathed in, then breathed out. He repeated this several times, then tossed Sheng Qingyi away like a rag.

“I won’t kill you, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to let you off the hook! From now on, you’re not leaving this house!” Sheng Yize said in a cold, threatening voice. “If you try to kill An Xiaxia again and I find out, I don’t care what it’ll take, but I’ll make sure to kill you first!”

Sheng Qingyi’s face froze. From Sheng Yize’s face, he seemed to recognize himself from twenty years ago.

What he used to be…

Sheng Qingyi went to visit Sheng Yize in Sunset Town when the boy was eight.

By then, Sheng Yize had almost recovered from his autistic symptoms and would spend his days playing the haughty young master and making fun of the chubby girl who followed him around. When she was on the verge of breaking into tears, he would feed her a toffee. It was such childish mischievous behavior, but he was having so much fun.

At first glance, Sheng Qingyi realized that the girl would become Sheng Yize’s weak spot.

He couldn’t allow his son to have such a thing!

In the business world, everyone tried to outwit one another and it was no less than a miracle that he himself had survived and risen to the top of the ladder.

Sheng Yize was supposed to rise even higher, not live his days revolving around that girl.

Sheng Qingyi decided that he had to find a chance to tie up that loose end. A plan was forming.

His chance soon came.

Following Sheng Qingyi, a group of people managed to track down Sheng Yize and tried to kidnap him.

Sheng Yize was clever enough to bluff his way out together with his favorite chubby girl.

However, those people soon caught up with them and stopped them at the river outside Sunset Town.

He had no choice but to jump into the water with her.

Songsong didn’t know how to swim and as an eight-year-old, Sheng Yize had strained with all his might as he tried to keep the both of them afloat.

The water was very deep and he was soon worn out. Songsong sensed this. Tugging at his clothes, she said in an aggrieved tone, “Brother Ah Zhe, I don’t want to die…”

Sheng Yize couldn’t take it anymore. “It’s Ze, not Zhe! You’re the biggest idiot ever! You can’t even say my name right!”

His bellow sent Songsong into tears. Between broken sobs, she said, “I haven’t finished yet… I’m afraid of death, b- but I don’t want you to die…”

He had no idea how much courage Songsong had had to summon up to speak those words.

Before he realized it, Songsong pushed him toward the bank.

She seemed to use up all her strength with that push.

Seeing Songsong being taken away by the current, Sheng Yize was enraged. He wanted to go after her, but Sheng Qingyi’s men had taken him out of the water.

“Help her! Help Songsong!” Sheng Yize struggled, but none of the men in black suits moved.

Sheng Qingyi arrived at that moment. He slapped Sheng Yize without warning.

“A weak spot is the last thing you need in this world. Hate me all you want, but I’ll never save that girl!”