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Chapter 795: Sorry, My Baby (6)

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“Screw you!” Song Huan was enraged.

Zhong Yue neither cried nor shouted, but only kept on grinning. “Why did you hit me? Didn’t you cheat on me as well? That child was born months earlier than Qingchen… Song Huan, how could you do this to me…”

That caught Song Huan by surprise and he tried to explain through gritted teeth. “It was an accident!”

He had been set up. After he had gotten drunk that night, someone snuck a girl into his bed.

She was only 16.

He would have never done such an abominable thing had he been sober.

But that night…

What was more unexpected was that the girl got pregnant afterwards.

Song Huan went down on one knee. “Ah Yue… Let’s not fight. I promise I’ll make it up to you… Punish me however you want. It’s all my fault!”

An outstanding man like him had apologized this sincerely and any other woman might have chosen to forgive him for the sake of their child, so as to keep the family from falling apart.

But Zhong Yue wasn’t any other woman.

She said slowly, “I’m sorry, but I have zero tolerance for cheating.”

Zhong Yue left without hesitation.

She found a place to live in seclusion and neither her family nor her friends knew where she went.

She lived in peace like this for three years until someone tracked her down.

For her child’s safety, she reluctantly left An Xiaxia outside a house when she traveled through Sunset Town.

She didn’t get far before they got her.

She was drugged and medicine kept her from thinking straight. She was made to look insane.

A young woman then came to her.

“You’re crazy now. You don’t deserve Brother Huan anymore.”

Zhong Yue stared blankly at the woman. She was able to secretly spit out some of the drugs they had been feeding her and her head had finally cleared up a little.

The young woman standing in front of her was in her early 20s and very pretty. There was something seductive about her looks.

She was the girl Song Huan had slept with that time.

However, Zhong Yue couldn’t say what made her feel this way, but this girl seemed to have a completely different temperament from the one in the picture.

The face was the same, but the feeling she gave off…

The woman told Zhong Yue her name and Zhong Yue made a mental note of it. She said her name was Chu Zhiyun.

Zhong Yue was sent to the psychiatric hospital. Song Huan used to visit her, but Zhong Yue would be drugged each time before he came. Not only would she appear out of her mind, she would be physically violent as well.

After a while, Song Huan stopped coming.

Living in such a suppressive environment, Zhong Yue gradually realized that her mental state was deteriorating.

She chose to turn to her journals for help. She wrote down everything that had happened over the years and hid the journals under the boards of her bed.

There were water marks on the pages, which turned the ink into black splotches.

As she reached the last pages of the journal, An Xiaxia saw that Zhong Yue’s handwriting became more and more illegible. She had obviously been having fewer and fewer sane episodes.

She wrote this in her last entry —

“I won’t blame anyone for what happened to me. I’m the victim of my own cowardice and incompetence. My only hope is that the baby I abandoned can grow up happily and become a better, stronger, and tougher woman than her mother ever was. My child, I can’t go on anymore. Sorry, my baby. I love you.”

Tears rushed out without warning and An Xiaxia dropped to the ground, crying like a child.

Sheng Yize crouched down next to her and rubbed her head in resignation. “What’s wrong?”

“Sheng Yize… I feel terrible. My mum suffered for so many years and I wasn’t able to save her…” An excruciating pain seemed to blossom in her chest. Sheng Yize consoled her in a gentle voice. “It wasn’t your fault. There, there…”

“Chu Zhiyun! No, we should call her Chu Zhiqin now. I won’t make it that easy for her!” A decisive look flickered in An Xiaxia’s eyes.