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Chapter 794: Sorry, My Baby (5)

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Song Huan handed her a handkerchief politely. “There, use mine.”

Zhong Yue took it in silence and dabbed at the corners of her eyes. “Are you going to ask me why I was crying?”

“You’ll tell me if you want to. I won’t make you do it.” Song Huan smiled. “Home or hotel?”

“Hotel, please. Thank you.”


Zhong Yue was a little flustered by his gentleness.

The car stopped outside a hotel and Song Huan led Zhong Yue to the reception counter. A staff immediately produced the room card to the presidential suite. “Mr. Song, welcome!”

“Stay for as long as you want. Call me if you need anything.” Song Huan left after that.

Once he was back at the company, he sent his assistant to check Zhong Yue’s whereabouts for the past few days.

She had been crying for a simple and cliche reason.

The man she liked had slept with her best friend and she had caught them in the act. She broke down, cried her way out, and had run into him.

After work, he bought some fruit and snacks and went to see Zhong Yue.

Zhong Yue opened the door and said in a low voice, “Sorry, I’m on the phone. Please come in.”

Song Huan nodded and sat down on the sofa.

He heard Zhong Yue’s coherent reply. “Don’t contact me again. You made your choice and I respect that, but stay out of my way from now on! I liked you, but I don’t like you anymore!”

The man implored bitterly on the other end, “Please forgive me! I promise you’ll be the only one from now on!”

“I have zero tolerance for cheating. We’re done.”

The man was exasperated. “Zhong Yue, what better choice do you have if you don’t marry me? You’re just some girl from a poor, pedantic family of scholars! I’m doing you a big favor by marrying you! You better know your place!”

Zhong Yue was infuriated. Just then, her phone was snatched away and Song Huan said calmly into it, “Who told you she had no other choice?”

“Who the hell are you?”

“I’m Song Huan of Diguang.”

The man drew in his breath at that name.

The Song family? Since when did Zhong Yue know a man of such stature?

He cursed under his breath and hung up.

“Why did you eavesdrop on me?” Zhong Yue blushed, realizing that her conversation had been overheard!

Song Huan shrugged, “I’m sorry, but your call was on loudspeaker.”


Seeing the awkward look on her face, Song Huan felt his long numbed heart skip a beat.

Out of nowhere, he made a suggestion. “How about we get married and let that scumbag regret his ass off?”

That sounded like such a great revenge plan…

Zhong Yue agreed impulsively. “Sure.”

Both fell silent at her answer.

A long moment passed before Song Huan smiled. “Great.”

He didn’t mind. She would be his and his alone after they were married.

Their marriage life turned out to be relatively happy. Song Huan was doing great in his career and with a beautiful wife at home, he had never felt so contented.

Less than a year after they got married, Zhong Yue was pregnant. She gave birth to a cute little baby girl and Song Huan was over the moon. He named her Qingchen and acted as if he would tell the entire world about it.

At the same time, Zhong Yue received a message on her phone.

It contained two pictures.

One was an obscene photo of Song Huan and a young woman, and the other was of him looking into the camera with a serious face, holding a baby a few months old…

Zhong Yue drank herself into a stupor. When Song Huan got back home, she told him with a bright smile on her face, “You’re not the person I like and I’m not even sure if the baby is yours.”

Song Huan was so furious that he slapped her.