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Chapter 788: Never a Decent Man (5)

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Her soft voice was almost pleading. Sheng Yize eventually gave in and let go of her.

He went to take a shower. After he came back out, his little woman had fallen asleep.

Watching her peaceful sleeping face, Sheng Yize felt a hole in his chest fill up.

It was as if with An Xiaxia around, there were no more regrets in his life.

The night passed without incident.

Sheng Yize took An Xiaxia to the general meeting. An Xiaxia was still wrapped in thick layers from head to toe, which pleased Sheng Yize very much.

That was what one was supposed to wear in winter.

Just look at all those women out there walking around in miniskirts and bare legs in winter. Wouldn’t they freeze?

His wife looked so warm and adorable in her thick clothes!

An Xiaxia couldn’t begin to roll her eyes at him. “I can’t even be bothered to comment on your taste…”

The general meeting was held at Yuan Hotel. It wasn’t just the executives and shareholders, but the department heads and top performers were also in attendance. A lucky draw was taking place at the moment and the general mood was quite buoyant.

Sheng Yize looked around, then picked a remote seat with a great view of the entire room for An Xiaxia.

He wanted to sit with An Xiaxia, but socializing was inevitable on such an occasion and he had no choice but to ask Song Shi to keep an eye on her.

Song Shi’s amorous eyes were like two crescent moons when he smiled. “Why, my little cousin, you’re glowing. Good news?”

“Take a wild guess.” An Xiaxia smirked, showing the guy little affection.

She hadn’t forgotten yet that it was Song Shi revealing Mr. Song’s terminal illness which had set off the ripples in the Song Group.

Song Shi rubbed his nose. “Well, I admit I’ve done things I’m not proud of, but I’ve returned to the right path now! We’re in the same boat now!”

“There’s no such boat!” An Xiaxia rolled her eyes at him. “I’m going to the washroom.”

Song Shi nagged about going with her, but An Xiaxia cast him a stern look and he sat back down immediately.

After a quick glance around the room, he saw that at least a dozen men in the room were here for An Xiaxia’s protection.

Sheng Yize indeed took great care of her.

In the washroom.

An Xiaxia happened to run into Chu Zhiyun when she went to wash her hands.

The woman had obviously dressed for the event. Her makeup was immaculate and as usual, she wore a cheongsam with side slits going very high up her thighs. She moved around with perfect feminine elegance.

“Look what you’ve done to Qingwan. How can you even show up here?” Chu Zhiyun put the blame on her victim right away.

An Xiaxia was so angry that she broke into laughter. “Old Hag Chu, I see you’re getting better at twisting right and wrong!”

Chu Zhiyun snorted, then began to touch up her makeup in front of the mirror.

An Xiaxia studied her face carefully for the first time.

Even at Chu Zhiyun’s age, one had to admit that she was a stunning beauty.

Her appearance wasn’t the type that one saw everywhere nowadays which looked like the product of plastic surgery, but had a very classic beauty to it. It was just that…. something about it looked familiar.

An Xiaxia looked more closely and finally realized where the familiarity came from.

Chu Zhiyun looked a lot like Zhong Yue!

It was just that the two women had completely different styles, giving them seemingly different looks.

If one looked carefully enough, one could tell that their features were very much alike!

An Xiaxia said sarcastically, “Old Hag Chu, I wonder if Mr. Song really liked you or just thought of you as a replacement for my mother.”

Whoosh —

Chu Zhiyun paused, her hand holding the powder puff freezing in midair. She then snorted and headed toward the door.

Either by design or accident, she bumped into An Xiaxia. There just happened to be a puddle of water on the floor…