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Chapter 780: I’m Sorry, But I Don’t Want Kids (3)

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In the ward.

Fang Shanshan grunted weakly. “Xiaxia, am I going to die? Sob… I haven’t gotten married, slept with a cute guy, or eaten all the good food in this world yet. It’s killing me…”

“Why, you can solve all that by marrying a cute guy and letting him take you everywhere to try all the food.”

“Where am I supposed to find a guy like that?” Fang Shanshan mumbled.

An Xiaxia winked at her. “Isn’t it obvious?”

Fang Shanshan blushed and said slowly, “I’m not marrying a goofball like Chi Yuanfeng. He’s dumb, slow, and a weakling. I’ll have to protect him!”

“I didn’t mention Chi Yuanfeng. Why did you bring him up?” An Xiaxia blinked.

Realizing that she had been tricked, Fang Shanshan pursed her lips. “Xiaxia, you’re so naughty now!”


Fang Shanshan felt much better now that An Xiaxia was here to keep her company.

The two of them were still talking when there was a knock on the door. Fang Shanshan’s bodyguard spoke after that. “This ward is off limits!”

“I’m here for An Xiaxia… I’m her older sister and I need to talk to her!” Song Qingwan stammered. The bodyguard hesitated a little, then came into the room to ask for instructions.

“Why, she’s that ridiculous sister you were talking about, isn’t she? Bring her in. I’m too young to have met someone as disgusting as her yet. I’d like to have a look,” said Fang Shanshan with a grin.

An Xiaxia shook her head. The girl loved nothing more than to stir up trouble.

The bodyguard frisked Song Qingwan in a routine inspection. He felt her shoulders and was moving down toward her chest when Song Qingwan yelled, “Where do you think you’re touching?”

The bodyguard had no choice but to skip her chest and move further down.

Everything was normal.

When Song Qingwan walked into the ward, her back was covered in cold sweat.

“Why do you want to see me?” An Xiaxia asked coldly.

Song Qingwan smiled awkwardly and moved closer. When she was almost at An Xiaxia’s side, she cried out, dropped her walking stick, and fell down toward An Xiaxia.

An Xiaxia was knocked to the floor and she rolled her eyes. “Can’t you just stay in your ward instead of making trouble everywhere else?!”

“I- I’m sorry.” Song Qingwan pretended to stand up, but instead, she lifted the hospital gown and her hand reached inside…

Fang Shanshan had seen mobsters open fire on one another since she was little, which made her very sensitive to such danger. Seeing this, she shouted, “Xiaxia, watch out!”

Despite the pain in her belly, she jumped out of bed and tussled with Song Qingwan.

Song Qingwan’s finger was already on the trigger. Surprised by Fang Shanshan, she shrieked and shot at the wall.

Still struggling, she panicked. She then shot Fang Shanshan in the chest…

Bang —

Fang Shanshan looked at the blood oozing out of her chest in disbelief, then dropped to the floor.

Song Qingwan was going to take another shot when a bullet flew in through the window and hit her in her wrist. She screamed in pain. The bodyguard kicked the door open and pinned her to the ground.

Everything happened in a matter of seconds. An Xiaxia’s face was pale with shock. Luckily, she came back to herself quickly enough. “Doctor! Get a doctor in here!”

When Chi Yuanfeng rushed to the hospital in a hurry, the light above the operating room was still on.

“Where’s Shanshan? How is she?”

“She’s still being operated on…” An Xiaxia sobbed. “It was all because she tried to save me…”

Chi Yuanfeng’s eyes were bloodshot red as he bellowed, “Who did this? Shit!”

He kicked over a chair, looking as terrifying as a fiend out of hell.