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Chapter 779: I’m Sorry, But I Don’t Want Kids (2)

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“Of course I won’t! I hate her! That house is daddy’s and I haven’t lived in it yet.” Tears welled up in Song Qingwan’s eyes as she recalled Mr. Song’s bias. “Mummy, I’ll never get over it…”

Chu Zhiyun sighed. “I know. Although I have a marriage certificate now… I can’t say for sure that she’ll leave me in peace. We may lose everything!”

What? Was she going to live on the street or worse?

The current situation wasn’t ideal, but at least they could enjoy the wealth of the Song family and she could live her life as the daughter of a rich family.

If they couldn’t even get the money…

Song Qingwan couldn’t sit still anymore and asked nervously, “What shall we do?”

Chu Zhiyun sneered inwardly at her reaction, but she still looked as delicate as ever. “I do have an idea, but… it’s too dangerous and I can’t let you risk your life for it.”

“No! Mummy, I’ll do anything you say, even if you ask me to kill someone!” If she relented now, she and her mother could end up penniless!

Chu Zhiyun had “I knew it” written all over her face. She looked up a little, which gave her a mesmerizing beauty. “What if mummy tells you to kill her?”

“Wh- what?” Song Qingwan was shocked.

Chu Zhiyun said unhurriedly, “Mummy will arrange everything for you. Once you kill her, I’ll let the police take you away. With An Xiaxia dead, I’ll inherit all the company shares and I’ll have the power and money to get you out of jail. You’ll be the legitimate daughter of the family and my dearest princess. Alright?”

Song Qingwan fell silent.

They were talking about murdering someone here.

“Mummy… you can hire a hitman for that…”

“An Xiaxia has so many bodyguards around her, even the best hitman won’t be able to get close enough. But… you’re wounded now and she won’t see you as much of a threat. Qingwan, if you don’t want to go, I’ll do it myself!”

“No! I’m not entitled to anything myself. If An Xiaxia is dead and you’re in prison, I can’t inherit anything!” Song Qingwan blurted out before she sensed something strange.

But she couldn’t put her finger on exactly what it was.

She felt like… she had walked into a trap.

But Chu Zhiyun was her own mother. She wouldn’t do anything to harm her, would she?

“I would never have asked you to do this if I had another choice! Qingwan, my poor daughter! You didn’t have a happy childhood and now, this… How are we going to survive? An Xiaxia is so vile and Sheng Yize so methodical. With them working as a team, we have no hope!” Chu Zhiyun sounded heartbroken and Song Qingwan cried with her. “Mummy, don’t say that… I’ll go! I’ll do it!”

The next second, Chu Zhiyun took out a tiny pistol and stuffed it into Song Qingwan’s hand.

“Good girl. Hide it under your hospital gown. I received the news that one of her friends is sick and An Xiaxia’s here at the hospital now. Make an excuse to get in, then… shoot her. My people and the police will be waiting outside. They won’t let anything happen to you!” Chu Zhiyun spoke very fast, as if she was afraid that Song Qingwan might get cold feet.

Song Qingwan stared at Chu Zhiyun, bemused.

“Now, go!” Chu Zhiyun prompted. Song Qingwan nodded, then limped toward the ward An Xiaxia was in, supporting herself with a walking stick.

Behind her, Chu Zhiyun dabbed at the corners of her eyes, her red lips curling into a satisfied smile.