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Chapter 767: Xiaxia, I’m Sorry (1)

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“And you! Chi Yuanfeng! Have both of you gone mute?”

“Um… Xiaxia, am I seeing things or is that really… Kang Jian?”

Chi Yuanfeng had heard about what had happened to Kang Jian and had talked to the others about it. He also thought that Kang Jian had died in that explosion.

An Xiaxia’s eyes were unfocused. She shook her head. “I don’t know…”

She was so afraid that this was just an illusion and that this man was just another lookalike.

The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment.

Fang Shanshan was surprised. “Why, you know each other?”

“Kang Jian, is that you? You survived?” Chi Yuanfeng asked tentatively.

The man gave An Xiaxia a look and nodded. “It’s me.”

“So, your name is Kang Jian…” Fang Shanshan nodded. “I like your codename better.”

His codename was King.

Kang Jian kept his silence and An Xiaxia didn’t say anything either. The atmosphere had turned a little stiff.

“Why, it’s great that you all know each other! My family sent him here to keep me safe. You can see each other more often now~” Knowing little of their history, Fang Shanshan shouted happily.

Chi Yuanfeng tugged her sleeve, gesturing at her to keep quiet.

The game had been taken care of by the servants and some fine food had also been delivered by air. Chi Yuanfeng volunteered to grill the meat, taking Fang Shanshan with him.

Kang Jian stood next to An Xiaxia, his back ramrod straight.

“Why… didn’t you come home?” An Xiaxia struggled with her words. “We were all worried about you.”

It took Kang Jian a few seconds to reply. “I can’t go back.”

“Why?” An Xiaxia was vexed. “Even if you can’t come back, you could have at least called. Do you have any idea how hard Uncle and Auntie Kang cried for you? And there’s Momo. You didn’t show up at her wedding, and…”

“What about you?” Kang Jian cut her off, chuckling. “Were you worried about me, too?”

“Of course! You’re my best friend!”

“Is that so…” Kang Jian grinned, flashing his perfect white teeth. “Just pretend I’m dead. At least that makes me sound like a hero who was devoted to his country…”

“But you are a hero!”

Kang Jian shook his head. “What happened that day is a long story… I can only tell you that the identity of the person who ended up saving me is quite delicate and if I go back, I’ll be investigated. Evidence will inevitably lead to that person and if that happens, I won’t be seen as a hero anymore, but as a deserter, and my family will be dragged into this as well. So, after some consideration, I really don’t see any point in going back.”

As a man, he had his responsibility.

He only wanted to bring glory to his family, not disaster.

An Xiaxia clenched her fists. “You…”

“Promise me you won’t tell anyone else.” Kang Jian enjoined in a serious tone, and An Xiaxia nodded involuntarily.

“I’ll help them with the grill.”

He then walked toward Chi Yuanfeng and Fang Shanshan. Now that she was close enough to see, An Xiaxia realized something was wrong.

Kang Jian seemed to be dragging one of his legs. He had been walking slowly to keep his balance, and it seemed that he was trying to keep it from the others.

“Kang Jian!” An Xiaxia stopped him.


“What happened to your leg?” An Xiaxia looked flustered.

Kang Jian stared at her, baffled. Had she found out already?

“Don’t worry. I’m not crippled.” He smiled casually, turned around, and didn’t say anything else to An Xiaxia.

He had never expected to run into An Xiaxia here.

She was the last person on earth he wanted to see him in this sorry state.

“Worthless Kang! Tell me or I’ll kick your ass!” An Xiaxia threatened him with a fork.