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Chapter 766: Unrequited Love Is the Most Torturous (4)

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Chi Yuanfeng pondered it for a very long time until epiphany hit him.

Well, he wasn’t a masochist! He was going to become a sadist in love!

Rushing into Fang Shanshan’s room, he bellowed, “Shanshan, I like you!”

That obviously caught Fang Shanshan off-guard. Chi Yuanfeng chuckled.

If unrequited love was torturous, saying it aloud would give him the upper hand~

Had An Xiaxia known his ridiculous reasoning, she would have suggested he go drown himself first…

It didn’t work that way!

“Wh- what did you say…” Fang Shanshan stammered as her cheeks flushed, which gave her face a girlish beauty.

“I said I like you!” Chi Yuanfeng was gloating inside.

Hmph! That will make you suffer! Finally it’s my turn!

Fang Shanshan hesitated for a second before pouncing on him. Chi Yuanfeng watched with a baffled look on his face as she stood on tiptoe and kissed him on his thin lips!

Chi Yuanfeng: … Wait. Why had he just been kissed?

“I hereby give you permission to like me!” Fang Shanshan announced forcefully after the kiss, her hands on her hips.

Chi Yuanfeng asked in a pitiful tone, “Didn’t that make you uncomfortable? Don’t you feel like you’re my victim now?”

“I… I was happy to hear it.” Fang Shanshan lowered her head shyly. “You’ll be my lab rat for the rest of my life!”

Chi Yuanfeng didn’t know what to say…

He now had a perfect understanding of the term “digging your own grave.”

The next day.

Fang Shanshan, An Xiaxia, and Chi Yuanfeng, who had huge dark circles under his eyes, were setting up a barbeque set in the garden.

“We’re going to have a feast!” Fang Shanshan grinned. “And there will be cute guys, too!”

An Xiaxia was looking forward to it. Chi Yuanfeng darted Fang Shanshan a resentful look, then began to put vegetables on the skewers.

Fang Shanshan stole glances at Chi Yuanfeng. Hm, the more she looked at him, the cuter he seemed to become.

The two practically had pink bubbles rising out of their heads. An Xiaxia realized sadly that she was the third wheel here.

Bang —

An Xiaxia shrieked at the sudden gunshot.

“What was that?”

Fang Shanshan waved it off. “Calm down. They’re just hunting, or some bad guy has just been taken care of.”

Despite Fang Shanshan’s indifferent tone, An Xiaxia bit her lip and felt her heart race.

About fifteen minutes later, the butler arrived and announced in a deferential tone, “Miss, Mr. King is here!”

“Send him over!” Fang Shanshan tugged at An Xiaxia’s sleeve in excitement. “He’s here! The man I told you about!”

Following the direction she was pointing her fair finger in, they saw a tall and strong man walking toward them with steady steps.

His army boots thumped rhythmically on the ground and the skintight camouflage uniform accentuated his muscular body: his long legs, lean waist, and perfect pecs. He was a soldier through and through.

Their gazes moving further up, they saw a determined, handsome face. He was indeed a good-looking man as Fang Shanshan had said, the masculine type.

An Xiaxia’s face had gone blank as she stared at that man.

“Xiaxia, why are you so quiet? Isn’t he handsome?” Fang Shanshan chattered. The man suddenly drew out a gun from his waist and pointed it at An Xiaxia!

An Xiaxia looked right into his eyes and didn’t dodge.

He wouldn’t kill her. Never.

“Put the gun down!” The bodyguards rushed toward them.

The man pulled the trigger. The bullet flew past An Xiaxia and hit a boar in the distance.

“Wow… you can shoot something that far away?!” Fang Shanshan checked with her binoculars, then gave An Xiaxia a little push. “Xiaxia, that’s our meat over there! Hey… why aren’t you saying anything?”