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Chapter 762: I’m Your Own Guardian Angel (10)

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“Wow, that’s so romantic! Do tell!” Intrigued, Fang Shanshan prompted An Xiaxia to tell her everything.

An Xiaxia counted on her fingers. “The first time I was saved was when a classmate pushed me into an artificial lake. That person then punched a few men when they harassed me. I was saved a third time when I got hotheaded and wanted to jump off a building…”

Fang Shanshan’s eyes twinkled. “Xiaxia, I envy you so much. Why hasn’t anyone ever saved me?”

Chi Yuanfeng smacked his forehead. Miss Fang, you’re surrounded by a security detail around the clock. If you want to be rescued like a damsel, at least try to look like you’re in distress!

“Teehee…” An Xiaxia giggled. “Back then, I thought I had met the gentlest and kindest person in the world!”

“In that case, who do you prefer, him or your husband?” Fang Shanshan winked at her.

An Xiaxia was surprised by that question. “Hm…”

“Shit! Xiaxia, how can you fall for anyone other than my brother?” Chi Yuanfeng shouted. “Do you have any idea how many times Brother Yize went to visit you and helped you in secret after you left? He would be upset when you were upset, but when you were happy, he was still just as angry. I thought he had gone psycho back then!”

An Xiaxia jumped on the point right away and asked immediately, “Did Sheng Yize look for me?”

Chi Yuanfeng covered his mouth right away and wanted to slap himself!

You big mouth! You let it slip! Sheng Yize had warned him that one word to An Xiaxia and Chi Yuanfeng could begin to prepare for his funeral…

“I know nothing!” Chi Yuanfeng waved his hands in denial.

“Fengfeng!” An Xiaxia was vexed. “What do you know? Tell me!”

Sheng Yize had insisted that he had never gone to see her.

Chi Yuanfeng wouldn’t say anything no matter what An Xiaxia said. Fang Shanshan wouldn’t have it. Pinching Chi Yuanfeng’s handsome face, she threatened, “Tell her now! Or I’ll post your nude photo on Weibo for all your fans to see!”

Pffft … I’m the innocent man here! Shanshan, you can’t do that to me…” He had over 20 million followers on Weibo, for Christ’s sake. One nude photo and he could say goodbye to showbiz forever!

“Speak! Or I’m taking off your pants!” Fang Shanshan’s threat was very real.

Chi Yuanfeng shook his head repeatedly. Fang Shanshan grinned and reached for his belt…

Chi Yuanfeng shuddered. “No, don’t… Shanshan, I’m just an innocent child. Please don’t hurt me!”

“Innocent my ass! It’s not like you haven’t done this before!” Fang Shanshan snorted. An Xiaxia was baffled by what she had just heard.

OMG… Why did something smell fishy…

Had something happened between Fang Shanshan and Chi Yuanfeng?

Chi Yuanfeng finally surrendered to Fang Shanshan’s threat. “Fine! I’ll tell you! But Xiaxia, you have to promise me one thing… If Brother Yize finishes me off for leaking this info, do bury me somewhere nice…”

Seeing that he was going to cooperate, Fang Shanshan let go of him. Tugging at his trousers, Chi Yuanfeng said in exasperation, “Watch your manners next time! Where’s your sense of propriety?! Put your hands where you shouldn’t again and I’ll…”

“You’ll what?” Fang Shanshan smiled at him.

“I’ll sit still and let you touch. I won’t fight back, promise.” Chi Yuanfeng gave in right away.

He cleared his throat. “After you two broke up back then, Brother Yize seemed to care little for you, but he visited you in secret many times. He has another QQ account and I think he keeps some photos in it…”