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Chapter 757: I’m Your Own Guardian Angel (5)

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Sheng Yize rubbed his tired eyes. So far, he hadn’t received any GPS signal yet.

Either An Xiaxia hadn’t discovered it yet, or she had…

His fingers began to shake uncontrollably and he nearly dropped his phone.

All of a sudden, the person cried out on the other end. “We got it! Mr. Sheng, we got it! Mrs. Sheng is still out at sea!”

Sheng Yize bolted to his feet. “Get me a plane! I’m getting her myself!”


Outside, his assistant said hesitantly, “You haven’t slept in two days. How about sending someone else?”

Sheng Yize ignored him and marched out.

An Xiaxia examined the necklace: the meteorite was surrounded by a ring of small diamonds like the moon among the stars.

The tiny stone was a star from the sky.

An Xiaxia caressed it with her fingers. She bit her lip, fighting back her tears.

She couldn’t cry anymore. She couldn’t afford to lose more water.

Without realizing it, she seemed to have used too much force and the stone was pried open.

Looking closely, she saw a tiny chip underneath with a needle-like thing next to it. She turned it, but nothing happened.

Defeated, she pressed the stone back in and lay flat in the boat. A myriad of memories filled her head.

Papa An, An Yibei, Su Xiaomo, Kang Jian, Grandma Song… A lot of faces flashed through her head, but Sheng Yize’s came up the most frequently.

So, your life did flash past your eyes before you died.

For some unknown reason, she recalled a movie she had seen once. The female character said, “The man I love is the greatest hero in the world. One day, he’ll show up wearing golden armor and riding a bright colorful cloud to marry me.”

Where was her beloved now?

“Sheng Yize…” An Xiaxia murmured. She remained wide awake until daybreak.

The sunrise was stunningly beautiful out here at sea. An Xiaxia sighed. At least, she was able to see such a view before she died.

Unfortunately, she had no idea if her body would be recovered in the end.

Papa An would surely cry for her. An Yibei wouldn’t be as harsh either. Would Su Xiaomo’s pregnancy be affected by the news of her death? And there was Sheng Yize… He was only 25. As talented as he was, he would have no problem finding a new wife after she died, right?

Well, that would be fine. As long as they could live happily together, she would be happy for them in another world.

The more she thought about those things, the sadder she became. Her eyes went misty and she rubbed them. Just then, she noticed a plane overhead…

It was really a plane!

She wasn’t dreaming, was she?

The hatch door opened and a small lifeboat was lowered into the water. Immediately after that, a man wearing a lifejacket nimbly climbed down the rope ladder hanging down from the plane. He then jumped into the lifeboat and rowed toward her.

The morning sunlight gilded his face in gold. His cropped hair was a little unkempt. His inky black eyes were bottomless pools, but there was a determined look on his face.

He climbed into the speedboat and went up to her side.

He looked as splendid as that hero on a bright colorful cloud.

“Xiaxia, I’m here.”

Was this… some illusion of a dying person…

An Xiaxia burst into tears and cried out her “dying words.” “P- promise me that your next wife can’t be prettier or cuter than me! Or you’ll definitely forget your first wife… You have to remember me!”