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Chapter 756: I’m Your Own Guardian Angel (4)

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Sheng Qingyi’s pupils contracted and his head went blank. Under Sheng Yize’s intimidating gaze, he nearly surrendered right away.

However, he had indeed seen his fair share of storms and recovered soon enough. “It was just an expression. You took it too seriously.”

“Did I?” Sheng Yize squeezed out those words through gritted teeth. He darted a look at the frightened old couple, then dragged Sheng Qingyi into the study.

Sheng Yize smashed a vase, picked up a sharp piece, and pressed it against Sheng Qingyi’s neck. “Tell me! Where’s Xiaxia?!”

“I don’t know…” said Sheng Qingyi calmly. “I have nothing to tell you even if you kill me.”

“And you think I don’t have the balls to do it?” Sheng Yize sneered. The shard cut into Sheng Qingyi’s skin and warm blood oozed out. Sheng Qingyi cried out in fear.

“You bastard! I’m your father! How dare you!”

“Xiaxia flew out on my private jet and only a handful people knew her whereabouts.” Sheng Yize’s face was frosty. “That island is also my personal property, which even fewer people know about.”

Things were getting very intense in the study and either side could snap at any moment.

Grandma Sheng was worried sick outside. “Are they going to be alright in there?”

“Don’t worry. Yize knows what he’s doing.”

“That was before! It’s little Xiaxia we’re talking about here, and how sure can he be?!” Grandma Sheng was vexed.

That got Grandpa Sheng alarmed. He then summoned the butler. “Get all the bodyguards here!”


In the study.

“The person that did this had to know the time of the flight and the location of the island, as well as have the resources to take her away or… kill her. Sheng Qingyi, you fit all of the conditions above. Do you really think I’m going to believe that you’re innocent?” Sheng Yize’s eyes were bloodshot red and he pressed harder. More blood oozed out.

Sheng Qingyi’s legs began to shake. “No, no it wasn’t me…”

“Then who was it?!” Sheng Yize raised his voice.

Bang —

The door was kicked open and a dozen bodyguards rushed toward Sheng Yize.

With deft movements, Sheng Yize put them down within minutes.

They couldn’t tell if the blood on his face was his own or of the others. Standing there, he reminded one of a fiend from hell, so aloof but so grim at the same time.

Grandma Sheng stood in the doorway and said timidly, “Little one, do calm down… Your dad couldn’t have possibly done such a thing. Xiaxia is his daughter-in-law!”

“That’s right! I promise it wasn’t me!” Sheng Qingyi said, huddling in a corner.

Sheng Yize turned around and stared right into Sheng Qingyi’s eyes, the smile on his face bone-chillingly cold. “You better pray for Xiaxia’s safe return, or I’m burying you alive!”

Those words jolted everyone in the room.

Out at sea.

An Xiaxia curled up, shivering from the cold.

She could hear the sound of the waves and something bumping against the speedboat.

It couldn’t be… a shark, could it?

The thought only made An Xiaxia all the more frightened.

Wiping away her tears, she searched through the speedboat under the moonlight.

She found nothing.

She could survive a few days without food, but without drinking water…

She had been snatched in her sleep. Apart from the white camisole nightgown she was wearing, she didn’t have anything, not even her phone.

Although, even if she did have a phone, she probably wouldn’t get any reception out here.

And there was also her necklace.

The meteorite necklace which Sheng Yize had given to her.

“Mr. Sheng, the customized necklace you ordered has a built-in GPS function, but it needs to be switched on first… We’re not sure if Mrs. Sheng will discover it…”