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Chapter 754: I’m Your Own Guardian Angel (2)

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“… I know you don’t have much of a spine, but I never thought you’d be this spineless.” Sheng Yize smacked his forehead in resignation.

How had he ended up with a wife like this? So sad.

Was it possible to share his IQ with her?

An Xiaxia jabbed the tips of her fingers together. “Was I wrong? I have no interest in the wealth of the Song family, anyway. I’m like a defenseless kid walking around with a precious gem. If inheriting the family wealth will only bring me harm, why shouldn’t I make it someone else’s problem?”

Sheng Yize said confidently, “But you have me.”


“Why would you worry about him when I’m around?” Sheng Yize looked indomitable.

“It’ll be a bloodbath. Forget it. I don’t want it. I’m eating off your table for the rest of my life~” An Xiaxia looked at Sheng Yize eagerly.

Sheng Yize pushed her little head away. “You’re hopeless.”

The Song family.

Mr. Song had a very grim look on his face as his grip on the walking stick tightened.

“Bastard! How dare he stick his greedy paws into my pocket!” Mr. Song was infuriated. His chest felt tight and he began to cough uncontrollably.

That wouldn’t do… His condition was getting worse. Even if he wanted to fight for An Xiaxia’s right of inheritance, he wouldn’t be of much use.

Xiaxia knew little about the business world and with him gone, she would likely become the victim of internal strife.

With much difficulty, Mr. Song summoned the butler. “Get my assistant here.”


The Sheng family.

Sheng Qingyi was astonished when he saw the news.

Mr. Song was terminally ill? It was impossible to count on An Xiaxia to protect her right of inheritance!

His son’s marriage wouldn’t end up a fruitless one, would it?

He couldn’t let that happen!

Gritting his teeth, he quickly came up with a plan.

That single piece of news made all the major families of Yu City restless.

Qi Yanxi rushed to Sheng Yize’s ward as soon as he heard the news.

He had expected to see a frightened An Xiaxia, but only walked into the room to see her playing gobang with Sheng Yize…

“Why, you can’t put it there! I won’t win if you do that!” An Xiaxia blatantly ignored the rules.

Sheng Yize was speechless. “Can you be any more shameless?”

“Teehee… How about I take back that move now?”

“Gosh, can you two at least try to look nervous?” Qi Yanxi leaned on the doorframe and rolled his eyes.

An Xiaxia turned around and greeted him enthusiastically. “Wanna join us?”

Qi Yanxi knocked her head with his knuckles. “Go play by yourself. The adults need to talk.”

An Xiaxia resentfully carried the chessboard away and played against herself on the sofa.

Qi Yanxi and Sheng Yize spoke very fast and she couldn’t understand a thing they were saying.

They reached a conclusion half an hour later and both men looked at An Xiaxia with grave expressions on their faces.

“Send her away,” said Qi Yanxi seriously. “She’ll be in danger if she stays in the country.”

“Consider it done.”

An Xiaxia pointed at herself in confusion. “Are you sending me away?”

That same night, An Xiaxia was escorted onto a Sheng family private jet without knowing what was going on.

After a ten-hour flight, she rubbed her eyes and was astonished by the endless ocean which surrounded her!

She was on an island!

What was more surprising was that her phone began to ring at that moment. So, there was reception out here?

“It must be Sheng Yize,” she thought happily. However, her heart sank when she saw the unknown domestic number on the screen.