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Chapter 753: I’m Your Own Guardian Angel (1)

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The look on Sheng Yize’s face was a mix of pleasure and pain.

Ahem . That’ll do.” He cleared his throat.

An Xiaxia looked concerned. “Don’t play the tough guy! I know you’re in pain!”

… I really am not. Dear wife, you don’t have to be this diligent!

Sheng Yize couldn’t tell her the truth and had to let her keep rubbing.

“You’re in such great shape…” An Xiaxia was amazed. “Why do you never get fat?”

Sheng Yize said quietly, “I work out.”

“Keep up that good habit! Don’t indulge in beer and meat like other married men. You’ll get a potbelly in no time. I won’t like you anymore if you become ugly!”

“Do you like me for my good looks only?” Sheng Yize asked, a little disappointed.

“I like your money as well,” An Xiaxia said honestly.

That was a hard blow to our scheming guy.

“Of course, I like you as a whole more~” An Xiaxia said happily. Sheng Yize looked a little relieved, but An Xiaxia then said, “Because not only are you good-looking, you can make money as well. Teehee…”

… He really wanted to travel back in time and tell his young self — ever consider taking a different wife?

The answer was obviously no, but his urge wouldn’t go away.

An Xiaxia’s hand slipped a little downwards and she felt something hot.

What was that? She looked under the duvet in confusion.

Then… she put the duvet back down.

Embarrassed, Sheng Yize blushed behind his ears. “It’s just a normal physiological reaction.”

“Hm…” An Xiaxia lowered her head, cheeks flushing. “Does your stomach still hurt? Do you need me to keep rubbing?”

“It doesn’t hurt now…” Sheng Yize pondered. “Do you think you can rub somewhere else?”

An Xiaxia went quiet for a second before throwing a punch at him. “You dirty man!”

The mood was flirtatious in the room. To ease the awkwardness, Sheng Yize switched on the TV.

“What would you like to watch?”


“… So childish.”

Despite his judgmental tone, Sheng Yize still picked up the remote control and searched for a cartoon channel.

An Xiaxia called out when she saw a local news report. “Stop!”

Sheng Yize did as told. A man was being interviewed in it. He had pretty amorous eyes that slanted slightly upward at the end, which gave him a mesmerizing look. His smile looked especially pleasant.

“You’re falling for that? Really?” Sheng Yize snickered. However, the look on his face soon turned serious as well.

“The rumor is that Mr. Song expressed at a banquet his intention for his daughter to inherit everything under his name. Mr. Song Shi, do you have anything to say about that?” The host then handed the man the microphone.

The smile on Song Shi’s face was very tantalizing. “Mr. Song is suffering from an incurable disease, it’s only natural that he will leave everything to his daughter.”

The host was noticeably shocked. “Are you saying that Mr. Song is terminally ill?”

Gosh! That was breaking news!

Song Shi raised an eyebrow. “In any case, as a member of the Song family, I’ll do my best to lead the Group into a new, splendid future.”

The news ended there.

An Xiaxia said in disbelief, “Who on earth is he…”

Sheng Yize searched his memory and frowned. “That’s Song Shi, your cousin. Basically, his father lost the internal struggle to Mr. Song and Mr. Song ended up taking control of the Song family. From the looks of it, Song Shi is… determined to get the family business back.”

“Are you saying that he’s going to compete for the right of inheritance with me?”

“That’s right.”

The hair on An Xiaxia’s back stood up. “How about I give it to him now? Will I be in great danger?”