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Chapter 747: I Will Marry You (3)

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Outside, thunder rumbled and the rain poured down.

Mu Li burst into tears.

She remembered a song Qi Yanxi learned a long time ago when he had been courting Li Fanxing.

A line of the lyrics was still fresh in her memory.

“No matter how bleak this world is, solitude doesn’t scare me, for I love you.”

But her own world had long been a place of desolation. Why had her love for him brought her no salvation, but only pain?

“I’m sorry, but we can’t have this baby.” Qi Yanxi was determined. Unlike the cheerful mood he was always in when he was around An Xiaxia, the look he now gave Mu Li was fierce and resolute.

He had always been ruthless with himself, and was even more so with anyone else that wasn’t An Xiaxia.

“What if I said I must have this baby?” Mu Li said stubbornly.

Qi Yanxi caressed her cheek with his cool fingertips.

“Mu Li, we’ve known each other for so long. Don’t be so cheap, will you?”

Rumble —

A streak of lightning lit up the sky, so bright that it almost looked like daylight. After that, thunder began to rumble.

Mu Li shivered uncontrollably, as if she had been electrocuted.

He had just called her cheap.

Mu Li smiled sarcastically. “Would you have said the same thing if the baby was An Xiaxia’s?”

“Shut up!”

“But she won’t have your baby! She’s married to Sheng Yize! It’s just like what happened with Li Fanxing; the women you love are destined to love someone else!”

Qi Yanxi raised a hand before quickly putting it down.

“Women are not off limits to me. Mu Li, you’re pushing it!”

Taking out his wallet, he lay a black card and a blank check in front of Mu Li.

“Pick one. From now on, we’re strangers. I owe you nothing.”

Qi Yanxi went back to his room after those words, leaving Mu Li behind in the living room.

Mu Li stared at her two choices.

If she took either one, she would be able to pay back her debt, get rid of her parents, and live a new life.

But she also knew that if she took them, she would lose Qi Yanxi forever.

An Xiaxia left the small town half a month later.

Sheng Yize booked his ticket on the same flight without hesitation.

The driver picked Sheng Yize up at Yu City airport. Still pissed, An Xiaxia naturally didn’t want to go with him.

“Hey, this is a pleasant surprise.” There was a pat on her shoulder and An Xiaxia turned around to see Yin Qinghan, who took off his sunglasses and said, “The autograph event is this afternoon. I’ll give you a ride.”

“Great!” An Xiaxia nodded happily.

After she got into his car, Yin Qinghan looked back at Sheng Yize, who had “I’m gonna chop you into pieces” written all over his face.

“I do enjoy seeing your hubby pissed off.” Yin Qinghan smacked his lips. “Every time I irritate him, I get this weird sense of fulfillment.”

An Xiaxia was baffled. “Heh… Dear Princess, you sure have a peculiar hobby there. Speaking of which, how’s your love life coming along?”

“We broke up. I’ve just come back from a vacation.” Yin Qinghan looked like he couldn’t care less.

“But why?” An Xiaxia pressed.

“Most of the time, love alone isn’t enough to keep you going. We’re pursuing different things and there’s no point wasting each other’s time in a relationship that’s going nowhere.” Yin Qinghan was very analytical about it, but An Xiaxia picked up on the bitter smile on his face.

The autograph event.

The hall was filled with a sea of people and An Xiaxia thought she was going to have a broken wrist from all the signing. When the next reader came up, she asked out of habit, “What would you like me to write?”

“I’ll have ‘An Xiaxia is a block head!’” An Xiaxia looked up at this cold and clear voice to find Sheng Yize standing there with a stack of her books and an impassive face.