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Chapter 745: I Will Marry You (1)

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“Is lying to me justifiable just because you like me?” An Xiaxia puffed up her cheeks.

Was it that hard to say he was sorry?

He had indeed tricked her, hadn’t he?

Splash —

Rain dropped on An Xiaxia’s face. She wiped the water away, looked up, and saw more raindrops falling.

“It’s raining…”

The sky lanterns were soon soaked and dropped to the ground.

Sheng Yize frowned. “Let’s go back.”

He took off his jacket, tossed it over An Xiaxia’s head, then held her hand and led her back.

When they got back, An Xiaxia’s trousers and shoes were wet, but Sheng Yize was soaked from head to toe and looked quite the sorry picture.

“You…” An Xiaxia felt a little guilty. Sheng Yize turned to look at her, his black eyes reminding her of bottomless ponds.

An Xiaxia had softened earlier, but the thought of having been tricked into marriage came back to her now and she got angry again. She glared at him and was ready to go back upstairs.

He caught her wrist. Sheng Yize took her room card and handed it to the owner, who was dozing off.

“Did you give her the wrong room card?”

“Why… you’re right. I couldn’t find this one and I was worried.” The owner was relieved and gave An Xiaxia a normal room card.

An Xiaxia listened in embarrassment. No wonder she had been able to enter Sheng Yize’s room…

Had she walked into someone else’s room… An Xiaxia shuddered involuntarily.

“Go to bed,” Sheng Yize said gently.

An Xiaxia sneezed and replied in a dispirited voice. The idea of sleeping alone gave her the jitters.

“Um… can we maybe sleep together?” she asked shyly with flushing cheeks.

Fire seemed to light up Sheng Yize’s eyes as he stared at An Xiaxia intensely.

An Xiaxia made up an excuse right away. “I’m afraid of thunder!”

It was a perfectly reasonable one. Sheng Yize didn’t say anything else and shared a room with her for the night.

An Xiaxia felt awkward after she took a shower.

There was only one bed…

So, they were really sleeping together…

She rolled around in bed and felt her cheeks heat up at the sound of running water in the bathroom.

An Xiaxia nibbled her fingers, feeling uneasy. Shortly afterwards, she could feel the other side of the bed sink as Sheng Yize lay down beside her. She was so nervous.

Feeling the warmth of the body drawing closer from behind, An Xiaxia closed her eyes right away, pretending to be asleep.

Sheng Yize looked at her, pulled her fingers out of her mouth, then got off the bed.

Lying together and doing nothing was even more tormenting for him.

He sat down at the table, opened his laptop, and began to reply to some of the more urgent emails.

Listening to the continuous patter of rain outside, An Xiaxia actually fell asleep.

Yu City, a thunderstorm.

Soaking wet, Mu Li pressed the doorbell for a very long time until someone opened the door.

She had worked overtime until two in the morning and had forgotten her keys. She couldn’t even think straight.

The door was opened by a man she didn’t know.

Mu Li opened her eyes wide and double checked the unit number.

This was the right place. This was indeed the flat she had bought…

“Who are you? Why are you in my house?” Mu Li asked, horrified.

The man snorted. “Your dad’s out of jail. He lost this flat at the gambling table. So, this is my home now.”

He then slammed the door in her face.

Mu Li called her mother right away, but she never picked up.

She was overwhelmed by a feeling of defeat and she did everything in her power to fight back her tears. She still had that pregnancy test result in her bag.

Gripping that piece of paper, her eyes lit up a little.

Qi Yanxi would help her, wouldn’t he? For the sake of this child?