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Chapter 744: But I Can Leave You (10)

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“Do you have a fever? Why is your face so red?” Sheng Yize felt her forehead.

An Xiaxia bristled like a cat whose tail had been stepped on. “I don’t!”

While she kicked pebbles on the bank, Sheng Yize stood quietly beside her, skillfully playing with a pen in his left hand.

The black pen turned and spun between his slender fingers, and was almost dizzying to look at.

An Xiaxia suddenly recalled that he had once been… right-handed.

He had only switched to his left hand after that injury.

“How is… your hand now?” An Xiaxia asked uneasily.

Sheng Yize darted her a look. “It’s fine.”

“Have you considered going back into showbiz?” An Xiaxia blinked.

With his good looks and talents, he would be successful as a singer or an actor.

Sheng Yize shook his head. “No, I haven’t. I have no more interest in that circle.”

He had only joined showbiz back then to look for An Xiaxia. But fate could play such tricks on people — An Xiaxia had lost her memory and hadn’t been able to recognize him.

Sheng Yize turned to her and squeezed her cheeks, his tone disdainful. “You were a chubby, ugly little thing when you were a kid. How can you be… this pretty now?”

An Xiaxia rolled her eyes. “Go away! I was adorable as a kid!”

Pffft … The adults usually use ‘pretty’ and ‘smart’ to praise a kid… ‘adorable’ is the most insincere choice when the kid has nothing worth praising,” said Sheng Yize deliberately.

An Xiaxia: …

Frustrated, she kicked him. “You’re unbelievable! The only thing you ever did was bully me and lie to me!”

“Are you so against the idea of marrying me? You said I was the only one you wanted to marry when you were little~” Sheng Yize smiled mildly. The light from the lanterns illuminated his face. Light and shadow contrasted perfectly on his face.

“I only said that because you told me you were going to buy me toffees for the rest of my life…” An Xiaxia lowered her head. “You didn’t plan it all along, did you? How could you bring yourself to do that to a little girl?!”

“Because I like you,” he said it as casually as if he was saying “the weather is nice today.”

An Xiaxia didn’t expect to get such a straightforward reply. It took her a moment to come up with a sarcastic comment. “So, you have a little girl complex!”

Sheng Yize looked her up and down, then said earnestly, “No, I had bad taste, that’s all.”

Maybe it was that first look, or her angelic smile, or her running after him and calling him Brother Ah Ze in that childish voice… he had fallen for her before he knew it.

“Screw you! What do you mean by ‘bad taste’? Are you saying I’m not good enough for you?” An Xiaxia was vexed.

Sheng Yize took her hands and stared at her with his bright eyes. “I’d like to have that bad taste for as long as I live.”

I’d like to spend the rest of my life with you.

“No mushy words can make me forgive you! You liar!”

“What did I lie about?” Sheng Yize put on a roguish expression. “You wouldn’t stop crying unless we got registered. You wanted to marry me and I was too polite to turn you down. Wasn’t that what happened?”

“Shame on you! You abominable, vile man!” An Xiaxia said scornfully. She had had enough of him!

“I can be… even worse. Do you want to try?” Sheng Yize’s voice was husky. “Xiaxia, can you really not see how I feel about you?”

From the very beginning, he had turned a cold shoulder to the rest of the world and reserved all his gentleness for An Xiaxia.

Don’t you know what that means?