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Chapter 742: But I Can Leave You (8)

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“Hm… thanks,” An Xiaxia said awkwardly. The man had pretty amorous eyes. The corner of his mouth turned up when he smiled, lighting up his entire face.

It was so wickedly charismatic.

He politely withdrew his hands and bowed a little at An Xiaxia. “Ladies first.”

An Xiaxia nodded. After getting something to eat downstairs, she decided to walk around the small town.

The air was fresh and the sun shone brightly. Her mind was easily calmed by the slow-paced lifestyle here.

An Xiaxia walked along an old street, where she found a stall selling handmade hairpins. She stopped to pick one for herself.

“This one would look nice on you,” someone said in a deep and mellow voice next to her. Looking up, An Xiaxia saw that it was the man who had helped her earlier.

“Um… hello.” An Xiaxia greeted him.

The man smiled at her and didn’t say anything else. He then picked two hairpins himself and paid the shop owner.

He had great taste. He had picked them from the corners of the display, but both hairpins were prettier than the one An Xiaxia had found. She was a little envious.

She was still looking at them when the man put one of the hairpins in her hair, which she had put up in a top bun.

“This one suits you, but I’m sure you’ll look much nicer with a different hairstyle.” The man’s smile was dangerously mesmerizing. Before An Xiaxia could reply, he had strode off.

An Xiaxia stood there dazed for a moment before realizing that he was flirting with her…

Well, she didn’t get the “heart skipping a beat” feeling, though. Sheng Yize looked much better, even when he was cooking!

She took down the hairpin and decided to return it when she had the chance.

In a corner a short distance away, Sheng Yize pulled his cap down lower and watched this resentfully.

Heh… That had happened quick enough. Men were throwing herself at her!

An Xiaxia checked the time and thought it was time to go back to her hotel. On her way back, a motorcycle sped past her at quite a high speed, almost knocking her over.

“Watch out.” It was that same voice again. The man pulled her slightly away from the road.

This time, An Xiaxia was alarmed. Somehow, she had the feeling that… this man was following her.

She carefully shifted away from him. Seeing the look on her face, the man couldn’t help but chuckle. “I’m not a villain, you know?”

His long, narrow eyes twinkled brightly and the way he looked at An Xiaxia was as if he was looking at a lover.

An Xiaxia got goosebumps all over. She fled without saying thank you.

An Xiaxia had a light supper back at the guesthouse and the owner gave her a free drink, which tasted as sweet as fruit juice. An Xiaxia finished it in one gulp.

Before long, she began to feel lightheaded. The owner happened to walk past her at that moment and she asked, “What drink was that?”

The owner smiled. “It was a cocktail from that gentleman.”


An Xiaxia followed his finger and broke into a cold sweat.

It was that man with the amorous eyes! He smiled at her and raised his glass.

Shit! She hadn’t run into a pervert, had she?

An Xiaxia ran upstairs immediately. She was getting dizzier and she fell asleep on the bed as soon as she swiped her card and walked in.

Sheng Yize went upstairs behind her and saw no one in the corridor. He assumed that An Xiaxia had gone back to her own room.

Somehow, he felt forsaken. However, when he opened the door to his room, he found a person on his bed.

An Xiaxia?

Why was she in his bed?

Sheng Yize then saw the room card in her hand. He picked it up, checked it, and was baffled.

If he was guessing correctly, this was a master card, which the owner had probably given to her by mistake…

The meat had just walked onto his plate. Should he eat it or not?

That was the question.