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Chapter 740: But I Can Leave You (6)

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An hour later.

Sated, Sheng Yize had his eyes half-closed with pleasure, while An Xiaxia huddled under the blanket, the corners of her eyes red. She was too tired to even speak.

“You weakling. You need to go to the gym more,” said Sheng Yize casually.

An Xiaxia felt like throwing a table at him.

Despite the episode with Luo Qianxi, on the whole, He Jiayu and Su Xiaomo had a perfect wedding.

Once the ceremony was over, He Jiayu and Su Xiaomo went away for their honeymoon.

They had chosen Bali as their destination.

Before they left, An Xiaxia finally got the chance to laugh at Su Xiaomo in return. “You called me a married woman the other day, but now you’re one, too — and a pregnant one~ Take care~”

Su Xiaomo snorted and rubbed her belly. “Hmph, you’re too superficial to see the maternal halo over my head!”

The BFFs continued to bicker, until He Jiayu came to take Su Xiaomo away for boarding. The two women then turned sentimental, and after reluctantly saying goodbye, Su Xiaomo even burst into tears on the plane.

He Jiayu had gotten used to her mood swings these days and comforted her patiently. Huddling in his arms, Su Xiaomo said in a low voice, “Did you tell your mum that you were getting married?”

“I did.” He Jiayu smiled. “She wouldn’t come herself, saying that someone might recognize her, which would embarrass me.”

Su Xiaomo fell silent for a moment before she gripped his hand tightly.

If the world didn’t give us enough love before, we must make sure that from now on, we’ll spare no effort in loving each other.

If a wolf had finally tasted meat after eating grass for 25 years, did anyone think he would actually switch back to eating grass again?

Anyway, An Xiaxia — the meat — was utterly frustrated.

Seeing that she was sulking, Sheng Yize restrained himself a little and finished quicker than he would have liked. He then pulled her into his arms and comforted her.

An Xiaxia wouldn’t talk to him no matter how hard he tried to cajole her, which made him feel quite guilty. “Did I hurt you?”

“Where are your principles? You promised me that we’d only do this after I sorted out my things and explained everything to you!” An Xiaxia stood her ground.

Sheng Yize abandoned his integrity right away. “Principles? What’s that? Since when did I have that?”

“…” Men were all so shameless! Bye bye!

That weekend, Sheng Yize took An Xiaxia, who had been in a foul mood recently, back to the old Sheng family home.

To An Xiaxia’s surprise, Grandma Sheng, who had been gravely ill only a few days ago, was chatting with Grandpa Sheng at the top of her lungs.

“Hey, old bones, just go public square dancing with me! What? No?! You don’t love me anymore, do you?”

An Xiaxia couldn’t believe her ears. The old lady had just survived a heart attack and she was going dancing now?

“Ahem, Grandpa, Grandma, I’ve brought Xiaxia back with me.” Sheng Yize cleared his throat. Grandma Sheng turned around at his voice and greeted them warmly. “Why, little one, little Xiaxia, you’re finally here to visit us!”

An Xiaxia shook her head, trying to get rid of the idea that was forming in her head. However, her headache only grew worse.

“What’s wrong?” Sheng Yize sensed her uneasiness.

“I didn’t sleep well last night…”

“Go take a nap in the guest room, then.” Sheng Yize then asked a servant to walk An Xiaxia to the room.

Grandma Sheng winked at Sheng Yize. “Little one, you nailed it!”

An Xiaxia tossed and turned in bed, but sleep wouldn’t come, so she got out of bed and played with little Hope for a while.

She accidentally overheard the conversation downstairs.

“Teehee, it was all thanks to my idea of faking my illness, or little Xiaxia still wouldn’t have agreed to marry you!”