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Chapter 735: But I Can Leave You (1)

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Qi Yanxi pushed Mu Li away and sat up.

He saw a little blood and other marks on the sheets, which were all evidence of how wild the previous night had been.

His movements seemed to startle Mu Li. Her long eyelashes quivered and she woke up.

They looked at each other and both of them were speechless.

A long moment passed before Qi Yanxi asked, “Why am I here?”

Mu Li said in a tiny voice, “You were drunk… The waiter called me to pick you up.”

“Then why didn’t you send me home?!” Qi Yanxi made a sour face.

Mu Li shuddered. “I… I…”

Lowering her head, she said sadly, “You don’t have to take responsibility for this. You can go now.”

Qi Yanxi was baffled.

He might be a jerk in a lot of things, but he had always been faithful in relationships.

But now… he had somehow slept with a woman, not to mention that she was his childhood friend…

He was overwhelmed with guilt. “I’m sorry.”

Mu Li looked up, her sparkling eyes reminding him of an expectant little animal.

“Actually… I’ve always liked you… Yanxi…”

Qi Yanxi ground his teeth. “Don’t be silly! Mu Li, I owe you for this. Feel free to ask me for money and anything else. I… I have to leave now!”

He put on his clothes and left in a hurry.

Mu Li’s whole body ached. Last night, it seemed that he was never going to stop, but she had been happy to give him what he wanted.

So what if she had pretended to be An Xiaxia and used such despicable means? She only knew that when she wanted something, she would stop at nothing to get it!

Mu Li cleaned herself up and went to work as usual.

Before lunch, she was appointed to go sign a contract with a client, who was planning a second wedding and would be at a wedding dress store at 2PM.

Mu Li put on some makeup and went there early to wait for the client.

The client showed up at 2PM sharp and Mu Li greeted her with a smile. She helped the client with picking her wedding gown while she explained the contract in succinct words. The client was in a good mood and signed it right away, then smiled at Mu Li. “Miss Mu is indeed a valuable asset to your company.”

Mu Li nodded and smiled prettily, ignoring the sore muscles of her waist.

Two young women just happened to walk in, and were having an animated discussion.

“Let’s take that gown from yesterday and pick some accessories to go with it… As for jewelry, shall we go have a look later?”

Mu Li turned in their direction. The look on her face changed when she recognized An Xiaxia and Su Xiaomo. After some consideration, she walked up to them herself.

“Long time no see.” Mu Li raised her chin, looking very confident.

An Xiaxia nodded politely. “Hi.”

Su Xiaomo snorted and rolled her eyes.

“Let’s have afternoon tea together, shall we?” Mu Li suggested with a smile. An Xiaxia and Su Xiaomo exchanged looks. With no idea what she was planning, they agreed without giving it much thought.

The three of them then sat down in a cafe. Mu Li couldn’t shut up about her experiences in the last few years as she focused on emphasizing how capable and talented she was and how much she had achieved…

An Xiaxia had heard from somewhere that the thing which one showed off the most was actually what they lacked the most.

Something didn’t feel right about Mu Li’s manner.

“Stop it right there! Are you ever going to finish?” Su Xiaomo cut to the chase.

Mu Li sipped her coffee with a smile. “Why so rude? You two should feel bad for what you did to me back then.”


Su Xiaomo had no idea what she was talking about. “What have I ever done to you?”