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Chapter 734: Marry Me, Will You? (4)

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“Xiaxia… is that you?”

Mu Li shuddered, almost losing her balance.

The taste in her mouth was worse than the most bitter medicine in the world.

Something came over her and she blurted out, “Yes, it’s me.”

Probably because of the alcohol, Qi Yanxi could only open his eyes a slit. He chuckled at her. “I knew it… I knew you would pity me.”

Mu Li fought back her tears and helped him out of the pub.

Qi Yanxi dropped much of his weight on her shoulder as he prattled on, “You look the best in dresses… I bet you would look even better in a wedding gown. If you marry me, I’ll give you the most glamorous wedding in the world! You can buy whatever wedding gown you like! You’ll be the happiest bird in the world… Teehee, what shall we call our child? Little Flower or Baby Flower? Let’s call it Xiaxia, if you don’t like those two… Little Xiaxia is the most beautiful name in the world!”

Mu Li struggled to support him in her 8cm heels, almost crushed by the grown man’s weight. Somehow, a woman as skinny as she gathered enough strength to walk Qi Yanxi to her car.

She sat down behind the wheel. When she set the GPS, after much hesitation, she set her own place as the destination.

She had entered a Qi family business company after college and had been greatly appreciated for her capabilities. She earned a considerable salary now, and had been able to afford to buy this flat herself.

After helping Qi Yanxi to her bed, Mu Li took a shower herself. She then got some hot water and cleaned Qi Yanxi with a towel.

She took off his clothes, revealing his well-toned muscles and his abs. His tanned skin radiated heat.

Mu Li cleaned him up. However, after only a few wipes, Qi Yanxi grabbed her hands.

“Xiaxia… don’t move around. It tickles…”

Mu Li said softly, “You’ll sleep more comfortably once you’re clean.”

Qi Yanxi mumbled something. His grip was so tight that the skin on her wrists were rubbed red.

Mu Li tried to draw back her hands. Sensing that she was moving away, Qi Yanxi gripped harder, then pulled Mu Li into his arms.

His skin was frighteningly hot. Guided by instinct, Qi Yanxi lay on top of Mu Li.

“Xiaxia, don’t go… Don’t marry Sheng Yize… Marry me, will you…” Mu Li was heartbroken when she heard his pleading voice.

Where love was concerned, one man’s trash could be another man’s treasure. The most devoted one was usually the one hurt the most…

“Qi Yanxi…” Mu Li called his name, crying.

Qi Yanxi tore her clothes off with boorish movements, his breathing shallow. “Hm?”

“Flower Qi…” She had to summon all her courage to call that name.

It was the name she had wanted to call him with since she was little, but hadn’t dared to.

She had been so humble and invisible that Qi Yanxi was an unreachable dream to her.

That dream was within reach today…

She couldn’t let it slip through her fingers.

Qi Yanxi kissed her around her face. “Call me honey… hubby… call me whatever you like. I like them all…”

The temperature seemed to rise and the two bodies twined together.

The next day.

Qi Yanxi woke up with a splitting headache and suddenly realized that there was a soft body in his arms.

Looking down, he saw the woman’s pretty face and his mind went blank.

He could faintly recall a wet dream which he had had last night about An Xiaxia…

Could it be that… it wasn’t just a dream?!

He had slept with Mu Li?!