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Chapter 731: Marry Me, Will You? (1)

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Sheng Yize felt his stomach turn at her saccharine voice. He said coldly, “Make this mistake again and you can hand in your resignation letter to HR!”

Hanging up, he realized something was off and checked his call log.

He had set the phone to automatically record all calls. Tapping open the recording of the previous phone call, he listened to every word of the conversation between his secretary and An Xiaxia.

So… the little woman was jealous?

Sheng Yize was very pleased.

He Jiayu and Su Xiaomo were very efficient and wedding preparations were soon underway.

An Xiaxia accompanied Su Xiaomo on the hunt for a wedding gown, but after trying a few, they still couldn’t find one they liked.

“I don’t think any of those suit you…” An Xiaxia rubbed her chin. “How about a custom-made one…”

Su Xiaomo sighed. “There’s not enough time for that. It won’t fit me once I begin to show. Plus, I don’t want others to see me as a pregnant bride!”

“You have a point.”

They had no choice but to keep trying on more.

Having nothing better to do, An Xiaxia wandered around in the store when she ran into an old acquaintance.

“Flower Qi, what are you doing?” she asked.

Qi Yanxi showed off his new haircut in front of the mirror, saying cockily, “I’m here to groom my hair. Don’t I look more handsome now?”

“More self-absorbed, that’s what you are…” An Xiaxia murmured.

The store not only sold wedding gowns, but also carried other dresses, as well as provided styling and makeup services.

“Are you here with Su Xiaomo for her wedding gown?” Qi Yanxi clumsily worked his bowtie until An Xiaxia couldn’t bear to watch anymore. Standing on tiptoe, she helped him with it. “I am.”

Qi Yanxi froze. He was lost in thought as he gazed at the serious look on An Xiaxia’s face.

This felt like… a wife tying a bowtie for her husband.

A million ideas rushed through his head. Qi Yanxi swallowed and grabbed An Xiaxia’s hands.

“Xiaxia…” His voice was deep and quiet, as if he was trying to convey a million emotions with it.

“There! Done!” An Xiaxia clapped her hands and darted him a look. “Do you have a minute?”

In fact, he had a very important banquet coming up. However, as if he had been taken over by some spell, he quickly replied, “Sure. Of course I have time.”

“Teehee. Come and help us, then.” An Xiaxia then led him to the wedding gown area.

Su Xiaomo just happened to come out in a white gown. The layered dress was dotted with pearls. Everything had been put together so perfectly that it made for such a pleasant image.

“Wow, this is nice!” An Xiaxia took photos of Su Xiaomo from every angle, then showed them to her.

Qi Yanxi stood there dazed. When he shifted his gaze to Su Xiaomo, it was as if he was seeing an illusion where Su Xiaomo’s face was replaced by An Xiaxia’s.

He seemed to see An Xiaxia smiling sweetly at him in a white gown…

He couldn’t help but giggle.

Su Xiaomo said in a careless tone, “Qi Yanxi, do I look pretty?”

She looked back and flashed a smile at him. Qi Yanxi came back to himself, looking frightened. “Dude! Stop pretending to be a woman and we can still be friends!”

“Go to hell!” Su Xiaomo gave him the finger.

“Hey, I spotted a dress just then and I think it’ll look perfect on you! Go try it on! You can wear it to my wedding ceremony!” Su Xiaomo gave An Xiaxia a little push.

“Alright…” After An Xiaxia went to the fitting room, Su Xiaomo gave Qi Yanxi a look of disdain. “Dummy, stop gawking! Xiaxia is no longer available!”

“What?” Qi Yanxi was baffled.

“She and Sheng Yize are officially married. Weren’t you told?” Su Xiaomo said carelessly.