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Chapter 727: I’ll Walk With You for the Rest of Your Life (7)

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“So, you don’t want to marry me!” Su Xiaomo looked disappointed. “Men are so untrustworthy… I’ve slept with you, I’m pregnant with your baby, and you’ve stopped loving me… Sigh , life is so hard. I better go back to my heavenly court and live as a fairy again…”

He Jiayu flicked her forehead with his finger, smiling gently. “What silly idea are you thinking about this time? I’m a man, of course I’m not taking your name. You’re marrying me! That’s what I’m going to do!”

Su Xiaomo didn’t seem to resist the idea of getting married as much after she knew a baby was on the way.

He Jiayu climbed into bed and lay down next to her, rubbing her belly with his big hand. “Momo, I promise I’ll be a good husband and a good father. I’ll make our baby the happiest child in the world. From now on, you’re no longer alone. I’m always here for you.”

His unpretentious words brought tears to Su Xiaomo’s eyes.

“I think… I’m getting emotional. I never cry…” Su Xiaomo tried to find excuses for herself.

A pair of hands held her face and He Jiayu kissed her on her lips. It was just a little peck. There was nothing lustful about it and she sensed nothing but love.

“Mood swings are common physiological reactions during pregnancy. It’s okay. You don’t have to be that tough Su Xiaomo anymore. You can be fragile and you can cry. I’ll be here for you no matter what happens,” said He Jiayu patiently. “Don’t be afraid. Come hell or high water, I’ll be by your side.”

Su Xiaomo broke into uncontrollable sobs. “You – you can’t give me the cold shoulder… I’ll get ugly after I give birth to the baby.”

He Jiayu smiled. “You’re a fairy. How can you be anything but pretty?”

“That’s right. I agree with you.” Su Xiaomo was elated at the simplest compliment.

He Jiayu could do nothing about it.

Holding his hands, she pried open each of his fingers in turn, counting. “How much are you going to pay for my betrothal?”

“I’ve given you every penny I make,” said He Jiayu in resignation. “I was going to ask, my dear wife, how much are you going to give me for my monthly allowance in the future?”

“Hmph! You’re not getting any, or you’ll spend it all! Look, you’re just a mere doctor now with little money or fame. I’ll be the one making our financial decisions!” Su Xiaomo said with an animated expression.

He Jiayu indulged her unconditionally. “No problem. As long as you’re happy, I’ll do anything you say.”

“Hm… Why do I have a guilty conscience now that you’re so nice to me?”

“Because you’re awful to me… Treat me better!” He Jiayu fought for his own rights.

Su Xiaomo chuckled.

Seeing that she was in a good mood, He Jiayu nibbled her ear. “Stop taking your medication… I’ll start you on rehabilitation therapy.”

Su Xiaomo froze.

He… knew about it?

“You don’t have to pretend to be happy. You don’t have to smile when you don’t feel like it — just like what you told me once,” said He Jiayu in the most earnest tone.

He had been in shock ever since he found out that Su Xiaomo was suffering from depression.

Clinically depressed patients could express very negative thoughts and feel very upset. In extreme cases, they would have suicidal tendencies like An Xiaxia used to have.

However, Su Xiaomo was the polar opposite. To others, she was always this happy person. But he knew how awful and unbearable it was for such patients when they were alone.

Therefore, I’ll walk with you for the rest of your life.