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Chapter 716: I Love You and Everyone Knows It (6)

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Chu Zhiyun was so frightened that she nearly had a heart attack. She pleaded in a pitiful voice, “Brother Huan… help…”

“Stop it! This is crazy!” Mr. Song yelled. Security rushed up immediately to surround Sheng Yize.

“Get out of my way!” Sheng Yize growled. His intimidating manner made everyone shudder.

Chu Zhiyun’s eyes darted around and tears welled up in them. “You’re right. I fell down myself. Xiaxia didn’t push me…”

From the looks of it, she wasn’t admitting it, but was being forced to say those words.

Sheng Yize saw through her right away and sneered. “That’s indeed some award-winning acting.”

Mr. Song bellowed, “Sheng Yize! That’s enough!”

“Since she admitted that she fell down herself, shouldn’t you apologize to Xiaxia?” Sheng Yize played along with her ruse. “I have yet to know another cold-blooded parent who can give his own daughter a concussion.”

“What?” Mr. Song was dumbfounded.

He admitted that he had lost control a little. He had only hit An Xiaxia because he was so angry…

He didn’t expect it to be that serious…

“I’ll go visit her…” said Mr. Song guiltily.

“Don’t be a hypocrite, Mr. Song.” Sheng Yize was as sharp-tongued as ever. “Don’t tell me you’re scared of losing your only heir?”

Mr. Song shuddered. Had Sheng Yize… found out about his health condition?

“You thought your love priceless, but it was the cheapest of all. You thought leaving your shares to Xiaxia was doing her a favor, but Mr. Song, you’re just being selfish. You only wanted an heiress, but you cared little about her happiness once you gave her that title.” Sheng Yize sneered. “You don’t deserve to be her father! From now on, I’d like you to keep your distance from her!”

Sheng Yize marched out after those words.

Chu Zhiyun scrambled to feet, still shaken. She then said weakly, “Brother Huan… What Sheng Yize said made sense. How about you divide your shares evenly…”

Mr. Song gave her a surprised look. “Haven’t I given you enough?”

Chu Zhiyun said in a hurry, “Brother Huan, I don’t care about the money at all, but you have to think about Qingwan. She’s still locked up… It’s been so long and I think Xiaxia shouldn’t be angry at her anymore. After all, they’re sisters. If this gets out, others will think Xiaxia a cold-blooded woman.”

Mr. Song sighed in resignation. “Let me think about it.”

An Xiaxia lay in bed, bored.

Her ear didn’t hurt as much after the doctor had treated her. However, Sheng Yize was nowhere to be found at the moment.

After tossing and turning restlessly in bed, An Xiaxia suddenly remembered what that girl had said the other day in the movie theater. She then took out her phone and found a clip of the program when Chi Yuanfeng had been on it.

She then played the video file.

Back then Starry Night hadn’t disbanded, but they had already been doing solo activities. Sheng Yize left showbiz and He Jiayu had gradually distanced himself from the spotlight after releasing an album.

They had been on that show to promote Chi Yuanfeng’s new album.

The host asked a bunch of questions and all three of them answered like they were supposed to. At the end of the show, Chi Yuanfeng sang one of his new songs.

The nice melody filled the air and An Xiaxia listened quietly.

After he finished, the host asked He Jiayu to sing a song as well.

Keeping in line with the promotion theme, He Jiayu also sang a song from Chi Yuanfeng’s new album.

When it was Sheng Yize’s turn, he waited a few seconds before saying, “I just remembered that I still owe someone a song.”