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Chapter 714:

I Love You and Everyone Knows It (4)

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“I have.” Qi Yanxi grinned. “In my dreams~”

Sheng Yize kicked him, scolding, “Get lost!”

Qi Yanxi rubbed his buttocks and mumbled, “I wanted to come back and look for her, I did…”

The bitter memory then returned. Over on the side of the world, life hadn’t been kind to him in the beginning. He hadn’t known what he was doing and despite his desire to make money, he didn’t have the skills required.

Only then did he realize that without the title “the Qi family heir,” he was nothing.

He then forced himself out of his comfort zone. He worked on his investment plan every day, entertained his clients at dinner parties until he had gastric bleeding, and stayed up until three or four in the morning…

He only dreamed about one thing when he did dream.

An Xiaxia.

Whenever he wanted to give up, the thought of An Xiaxia would renew his strength…

“Xiaxia, what’s wrong?” Sheng Yize frowned and waved his hand in front of An Xiaxia’s face.

An Xiaxia’s mind had wandered off and she didn’t reply until a moment later. “Um… I’m fine… I probably didn’t sleep enough.”

“Go back and get some sleep, then!” Qi Yanxi gave Sheng Yize a knowing look. “Take it easy, ok?”

Sheng Yize said nothing and took An Xiaxia back into the house.

An Xiaxia held little Hope in her arms and played with her for a while, then her phone rang.

It was from Mr. Song.

“Xiaxia, are you at the Sheng family home? Do you think you can drop by…” he asked gingerly.

An Xiaxia gave him a noncommittal reply. Since she still had things at the Song family home, she decided to go get them.

After having dinner at the Sheng family home, Sheng Yize took her back to the Song family home.

She was surprised to see that Mr. Song hadn’t eaten yet. Instead, he was waiting for her at the dining table.

The table was covered with her favorite dishes. Seeing them come in, Mr. Song rubbed his hands together. “Do you want to grab a bite? I didn’t know what you would like to eat…”

An Xiaxia had no idea why he was acting so humbly today and turned him down with an indifferent tone.

She went upstairs, gathered her things, and got ready to leave.

Someone then walked gracefully out of the room next door. Her pajama top was wide open and her chest was dotted with love bites.

“Xiaxia, you’re back.” The gentle voice had a mesmerizing quality to it.

An Xiaxia was irritated by the mere sight of her. “What are you doing here?”

Chu Zhiyun smiled. “Brother Huan is home alone and none of his children are around. Keeping him company is all I can do, so that he won’t be so lonely…”

Screw her!

With her daughter in jail, she still had the heart to entertain Mr. Song… An Xiaxia had to give it to Old Hag here! She was unbelievable!

An Xiaxia sneered. “Heh. I wish you two happily ever after, then!”

Chu Zhiyun acted as if she couldn’t hear An Xiaxia’s sarcastic tone and even smiled back at her. “Thank you, then.”

An Xiaxia turned to walk down the stairs, still fuming, when Chu Zhiyun called her from behind. “Xiaxia.”

An Xiaxia turned around instinctively and saw that Chu Zhiyun wanted to hold her arm in an affectionate manner. Naturally, she wouldn’t let her and drew her arm back.

She barely used any force, but Chu Zhiyun acted as if Hercules had pushed her. She screamed and rolled down the stairs.

An Xiaxia froze on the spot.

Those downstairs heard the noise and arrived in a hurry.

Chu Zhiyun lay on the floor, her head and face covered in blood, crying in pain.

On the stairs, An Xiaxia stood there petrified, and she remained in that same position with her arm drawn back.

Mr. Song was infuriated. He walked up the stairs and slapped An Xiaxia without a word!