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Chapter 713: I Love You and Everyone Knows It (3)

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Seeing Grandma Sheng’s reaction, An Xiaxia asked awkwardly, “Did we buy too much?”

“Too much would be an understatement…” Grandma Sheng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Little Hope eats very little at this age. One tin will last her for one to two weeks. She’ll need supplementary food once she’s a little older and won’t drink as much milk.”

An Xiaxia buried her face in her hands and hid behind Sheng Yize.

Both of them had zero knowledge of pregnancy and feeding babies. Naturally, the shop assistant never mentioned this, for the sake of making more money.

Then… this…

Sheng Yize didn’t seem troubled at all. “That’s ok. We can always leave them for the next kid.”

Grandma Sheng’s face lit up. “You… have good news for me?”

The fervent look in her eyes made An Xiaxia jittery. Grandma Sheng took her hand affectionately and said, “Little Xiaxia, it doesn’t have to be in the order of marriage then kids! How far into the pregnancy are you? Should we start planning the wedding now? The wedding gown won’t look as pretty once you begin to show!”

An Xiaxia was going to explain when Sheng Yize cut her off.

“Don’t worry, grandma. Which do you prefer? A great-grandson or a great-granddaughter?”

“Either will do! I like them both!” Grandma Sheng laughed wholeheartedly, which made An Xiaxia even more bashful. She tugged at Sheng Yize’s sleeve.

Sheng Yize took her hint right away. He cleared his throat and said, “I’ll take her for a walk outside.”

“Go ahead. But be careful, though. Mind the baby!”

An Xiaxia was at a loss at what to say. She punched Sheng Yize as soon as they were in the garden. “I’m not pregnant! You were misleading Grandma Sheng and she’ll be so disappointed when she learns the truth!”

Sheng Yize smiled wickedly. “In that case, how about we work harder and make it real? Shall we do it tonight?”

“You scoundrel!” An Xiaxia blushed. Just then, a quiet, resentful voice came from behind them. “Sheng Yize! You lied to me!”

“Who’s there…” An Xiaxia jumped.

In the garden next door, Qi Yanxi was smoking under a tree. He looked as cocky as he was handsome, so much so that it was hard to look away from him.

Sheng Yize said matter-of-factly, “Yup, I did. So what?”

An Xiaxia was astonished. Mr. Idol, can you be any more shameless?

Qi Yanxi was equally baffled by Sheng Yize’s brazen tone and it took him a while to react. “Screw you! I’m gonna punch your face in!”

He jumped over the fence separating the two gardens, but lost his footing when he landed. He fell face down… into a newly dug pit.

Sheng Yize covered An Xiaxia’s eyes with one big hand.

“Xiaxia, we need to give poor single guys like this one more attention. After all, not only is he stupid, he’s clumsy, too.”

His serious tone set Qi Yanxi off.

Scrambling to his feet and covered in dust, he roared, “Only one of us can walk out of here alive today!”

Fearing that they might start a real fight, An Xiaxia intervened right away.

“Knock it off!”

Both men snorted and stepped away from each other.

She then smelled that familiar cigarette smell again. Baffled, An Xiaxia stared at Qi Yanxi and asked, “Have you always smoked this brand?”

“Nope. I only started smoking it a couple of years ago,” Qi Yanxi said casually.

An Xiaxia got to the point right away. “You didn’t smoke before that?”

“Of course I did, with this dumbass here!” Qi Yanxi guffawed. “Did you know that Sheng Yize was such a heavy smoker…”

“No one’s asking you to speak.” Sheng Yize cast him a stern look and Qi Yanxi pursed his lips. “Why do you ask?”

An Xiaxia tugged at her clothes and asked earnestly, “Have you ever looked for me during all these years?”