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Chapter 711: I Love You and Everyone Knows It (1)

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She went on unfolding the other stars, but 999 was the biggest number among them.

So… that was probably the last one.

999 stars… what did it mean?

An idea struck her. She clicked open Qixia’s BBS and searched the key words “lucky star” and “999.”

The search came back with a bunch of posts and she opened the one with the most replies.

“[Wishing Post: True love will live happily ever after!]

“Our aim: make 999 lucky stars and write a romantic line in every one of them.

“Ten years from now, if you’re still together, show him or her the stars and tell your other half: you and my youth are the only things I will never let down.”

The first few replies included those declaring they were the first to comment or laughing at the post, calling it childish. Further down, some began to post their sincere replies.

The one with the longest relationship had actually replied to her own post ten years later!

“Aww, I gave those stars to the man I idolized! Teehee, he’s my husband and the father of my child now~ Thank you for creating this post~ He was very touched and we’re very happy together now~”

As expected, most people had failed.

An Xiaxia scrolled down. She spotted a familiar ID after going through about 1000 replies.

[Lord Xiaxia’s Dear Wife]: It’s childish, but I’m willing to try.

The creator of the post replied: Teehee… Your ID is so unique~ Keep it up~ I hope you’ll still be with your Lord Xiaxia ten years from now~

He wrote: Thank you for your good wishes. We will.

An Xiaxia stopped scrolling down.

She had given him this ID back then and Sheng Yize had said in his haughty manner that he was a man of principles and would never use such a stupid ID.

But he had used it.

An Xiaxia touched her cheeks. They were wet.

Wiping her face with the back of her hands, she quickly “destroyed the evidence,” as she folded the stars back up.

However, the paper slips had gone limp after so many years and it was quite difficult to fold them back. An Xiaxia worked attentively, until a lazy voice startled her. “It’s already so late. Why are you still up?”

An Xiaxia jumped and knocked the glass jar off the table. It smashed to pieces right away and the stars rolled around all over the floor.

She had been caught red-handed!

“I – I… I didn’t do anything,” An Xiaxia lied weakly.

Sheng Yize looked at the mess she had made and it took him a while to realize what those things were…

Pink suffused his cheeks as he yelled, “Dummy! You shouldn’t have touched my things!”

An Xiaxia jabbed her fingertips together. “Sorry… I didn’t mean to…”

Sheng Yize glared at her. His cheeks turned redder when he spotted the unfolded stars in front of her. “Did – did you read them?”

“Um… just a few of them.”

Phew… good.

Sheng Yize cleared his throat. “Well, that’s not mine. I’m just keeping it for someone else… Don’t get the wrong idea!”

An Xiaxia gingerly raised a piece of paper. “But this one says ‘An Xiaxia, I belong with you like Coke belongs with fried chicken…’”

Sheng Yize’s long arm reached out as he snatched the paper away. Crumpling it up in his palm, he struggled to maintain his composure. “So many people can be called that in this world. Don’t flatter yourself.”


“Wait, what’s with that attitude you’re giving me?” Sheng Yize eyed her suspiciously. An Xiaxia gave him a cunning smile. “Sheng Yize, you’re the dumbest tsundere in the world!”

The bunny had finally graduated… She was a little fox now~

She had sharp eyes now. How could she miss the fact that Sheng Yize… was trying to cover it up?