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Chapter 709: I’m Not Done With You (11)

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He let out a breath and swatted An Xiaxia on her bottom, whispering, “You’re killing me!”

“Huh?” An Xiaxia’s eyes went watery. “You hit me…”

“Did I? Where? Is it bad? How about you take off your clothes and let me examine you?” Sheng Yize smiled his scheming smile and teased her as usual…

Luckily, An Xiaxia was smart enough when she was sober. Pushing him away with flushing cheeks, she said, “No, I’m not taking off anything! Go drive!”

“I won’t.” Sheng Yize was a little vexed and played the rascal without hesitation.

He missed that adorable, drunken Xiaxia. She was cute and dumb… she would believe everything he said.

An Xiaxia said, “I’ll drive if you won’t!”

She grabbed the car key and moved happily to the driver’s seat.

Sheng Yize had had a few drinks that night and was going to call his driver in the first place. Since the little woman had offered to drive, he happily obliged.

He then heard An Xiaxia mumbling, “Which is the brake and which is the gas again…”

Sheng Yize broke into a cold sweat right away.

He then recalled that time when he had tried to teach An Xiaxia how to drive. An Xiaxia couldn’t even manage to turn a corner or reverse a car — what a “genius”… The only time she had successfully started a car, she drove his favorite car into a tree…

Was history going to repeat itself?

While he was worrying himself sick, An Xiaxia had already gotten the car going.

“Left, right, left… straight up, turn… switch gear, hit the brake…” An Xiaxia talked to herself while she drove, which made Sheng Yize very proud.

Well, she might be a bit slow, but at least she could drive now. What a wonderful wife he had!

He then looked out the window in passing and saw an electric bicycle speed past them…

Sheng Yize: … Fine.

He Jiayu roughly stuffed Su Xiaomo into his car. Before she could cry out in pain, his heavy body was on top of hers.

With a tearing sound, her skirt was ripped off. He Jiayu pressed her down and entered her without a word…

“Ah…” The pain made Su Xiaomo cry out. “Stop it! It hurts!”

The man that had always been at her beck and call was very persistent today. No matter how she threatened or pleaded, he wouldn’t let go of her.

Both of them had had a few drinks, which seemed to make them intoxicated and their heads clearer at the same time.

When he was finally finished, Su Xiaomo kicked him with all her might. “F**k you! I broke up with you and you still did this to me? I’m calling the police!”

He Jiayu looked at her grimly and pressed her down again…

Su Xiaomo buried her teeth in his shoulder. “Try it again and I’ll poison you tomorrow!”

“Say ‘break up’ one more time and I’ll do it again!” He Jiayu threatened her coldly.

Su Xiaomo chuckled. “Break up! Break up! I’ll repeat it ten thousand times! Do whatever you want!”

Hmph! He could die trying! He’d dry up before he died from exhaustion!

He moved faster and Su Xiaomo succumbed right away. She moaned and groaned, her body turning limp. She finally surrendered.

After two or three rounds, He Jiayu tossed her out and drove away.

Su Xiaomo swore loudly. “I can’t believe this! Can you be any more of a textbook scumbag?!”

She ran out of strength after a moment and sat down weakly on the ground. Tears began to roll down her cheeks.

“How can he do this to me… leaving me here all by myself. That heartless animal!”

She looked up after venting her grievances and froze.

That car had only done a U-turn and was in front of her again.

The window rolled down, revealing He Jiayu’s livid face. “Now do you know what it feels like to be dumped?”