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Chapter 703: I’m Not Done With You (5)

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Li Fanxing looked astonished. “You… you’re asking me to kneel as well?”

“Didn’t you propose it yourself? I don’t see anyone forcing you with a knife.” Sheng Yize smiled, enjoying the show very much.

“How can you do this?” Li Fanxing shouted at the top of her voice. “Sheng Yize, do you see what An Xiaxia is like now? She bullies others with her powerful background, she’s unreasonable, and she makes threats in your name! Are you going to take a wife like that?”

Hmph! No man would want a woman like An Xiaxia!

An Xiaxia glared at her. “Hey, you’re making personal attacks again! It’s none of your business what kind of person I am!”

Li Fanxing snorted resentfully and waited for Sheng Yize’s reaction.

Sheng Yize went up to An Xiaxia, pulled his tie loose, then said in an indifferent voice, “Take it off for me.”

What… Your hands are working perfectly fine. Do it yourself!

Despite the sarcasm in her head, An Xiaxia reached out and took the tie off for him.

Li Fanxing watched their intimate interaction with a jealous look on her face.

She wasn’t in love with Sheng Yize, but in her head, she had branded Sheng Yize with her name already. Sheng Yize was hers! No other woman should touch him!

Sheng Yize darted her a sidelong glance. “Are you trying to tell me that Xiaxia is arrogant, willful, and too wild to be the madam of the Sheng family?”

“Am I wrong?” Li Fanxing retorted.

“But she’s this way because I doted on her and indulged her to this point! I love her like this!” Sheng Yize grinned. “As for you… Li Fanxing, your acting is as bad as ever. Stop pretending already.”

He had seen through her feigned manner all along! She had said those things to mislead him about An Xiaxia!

Li Fanxing turned white as a sheet. She froze on the spot and made no mention of kneeling. Instead, she only glared at them with unblinking eyes.

Sheng Yize rose to his feet and asked gently, “I’ll cook us some dinner. What would you like to eat?”

“Meat! Meat!” An Xiaxia’s eyes shone.

“Sure.” He gave her an indulgent smile and went into the kitchen.

That stung Li Fanxing’s eyes even more.

Young men from rich families like Sheng Yize were supposed to have everything prepared for them. None of them would cook themselves!

Judging by the air of tacit agreement between them, Sheng Yize couldn’t have been cooking every day, could he?

“Stop staring already! He’s off limits to you!” An Xiaxia pursed her lips, then lowered her voice. “I know you gave Song Qingwan those drugs. Li Fanxing, stop pretending already. You’re that mysterious caller that has been threatening me on the phone this whole time, aren’t you?”

Li Fanxing rolled her eyes. “Are you nuts? Mysterious caller and drugs? What are you talking about? You really want to see me kneel, do you? That’s preposterous!”

An Xiaxia said harshly, “Just admit it!”

Before she could say another word, her phone suddenly began to ring.

An Xiaxia checked the screen out of habit and she froze.

It was a stranger number again.

Picking her phone up with rigid fingers, she raised it to her ear.

It was that same processed voice.

“An Xiaxia, are you investigating me? Heh… I’m telling you: you’ll never find out who I am!”

“Who are you…”

“Marry Sheng Yize all you want. I’ve had enough fun keeping the two of you apart for seven years. I’ll disappear from now on and no one will ever find me! Hahaha!”

The call ended and panic washed over An Xiaxia like a tidal wave…