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Chapter 691: You’re Everything I Like (1)

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“I’m back,” An Xiaxia said lightheartedly and entered the living room, as if nothing had happened.

Mr. Song was surprised. Didn’t Chu Zhiyun say that An Xiaxia had run away from home?

“Xiaxia, you…” Mr. Song was bemused.

A surprised look flickered in Chu Zhiyun’s eyes, but she came back to herself in no time and said softly, “Xiaxia, you’re back. Have you eaten?”

An Xiaxia smiled coldly, acting as if no one had spoken.

Mr. Song frowned. “Did you say bad things about Auntie Chu?”

“I didn’t.” An Xiaxia looked very innocent as she turned to Chu Zhiyun. “Did I?”

Defeated, Chu Zhiyun forced a smile. “Heh…”

One of the servants couldn’t hold her tongue. “Miss called Madam a mistress this morning!”

An Xiaxia blinked her big eyes and turned to Mr. Song. “It would have been an insult if I used those words on a different person, but I was talking about Old Hag here. Wasn’t I telling the truth? If so, why was that an insult?”

Mr. Song’s face went livid. “You’re being difficult!”

Chu Zhiyun supported Mr. Song on her arm as tears welled up in her eyes. “Brother Huan… I think I’ll leave. Qingwan isn’t feeling well and she’s been hospitalized again. I’ll go check on her…”

“See you and don’t come back.” An Xiaxia shrugged.

She had learnt by now that being merciful to her enemy was to put herself in danger!

Chu Zhiyun left gracefully, still wiping her tears. Mr. Song sounded hurt. “Xiaxia, you said you wanted a mother and that’s why I asked Auntie Chu to take care of you. Why can’t you appreciate my concern for you?”

An Xiaxia’s mouth dropped open. “Oh god. You asked your mistress to act like my mother? How stupid do you think I am?”

What was going on in Mr. Song’s head?!

Infuriated, Mr. Song flipped his sleeves and went back to his room, supported by his walking stick.

That servant was going to leave when An Xiaxia stopped her. “Wait!”

The servant turned around and said gingerly, “Miss…”

“So, you know my position in this house, then.” An Xiaxia smiled sweetly. “Then you should also know that my own mother died a long time ago. Why did you call another woman ‘Madam’?”

The servant shuddered. “But she’s…”

“She’s nothing!” An Xiaxia cut her off. “She never married Mr. Song and she’s nothing to him legally. If Mr. Song dies, she won’t get a dime!”

“Miss, it’s all my fault…” The servant tried to find an excuse for herself. An Xiaxia sneered. “Of course it is. I have all the time in the world to deal with you people!”

She then went upstairs. Outside, Chu Zhiyun had been lingering by the door and she heard every single word.

She clenched her fists tightly, unaware that her nails had dug into her palms.

The following day, the Song family manor.

A pot of tea, a piece of cheesecake, and a laptop were all that An Xiaxia needed.

Having nothing better to do, she had started a new novel featuring the Mary-Sue type of bottom that everyone liked and a top that no one wanted. The contrast made them quite a popular couple.

She posted the new chapter after she finished today’s work when a voice rang out from behind. “I see Miss Song is a writer. How talented.”

Pfft —

Startled, An Xiaxia spat out her tea.

Turning around, she saw a stranger. It was a tall man with a face that could be considered handsome, but there was something very roguish and vile about him.

“Where are my manners? I’m Si Yu.” The man smiled. “How’s your tea?”


An Xiaxia suddenly felt that her eyelids were too heavy to keep open. Everything then went dark and she fell off her chair.