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Chapter 689: The Heir Is Here (7)

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After the banquet, Mr. Song summoned An Xiaxia to his study.

Little Hope could tell one person from another one now and wouldn’t let other people hold her. An Xiaxia didn’t want to make her cry, so she took the kid to the study with her.

Mr. Song tapped on the table, smiling mildly. “Qingchen, how do you like the arrangement today?”

He meant the inheritance of the shares.

An Xiaxia cut him off. “Can you call me Xiaxia?”

Mr. Song was surprised. He then heaved a sigh. “Alright, Xiaxia.”

“Why… did my mother die in a mental hospital?” Looking into Mr. Song’s eyes, An Xiaxia asked the question that had been bothering her for years.

Mr. Song looked embarrassed. “She… she had a mental problem and I had to send her there. They took good care of her…”

“Liar!” An Xiaxia was agitated. “She was fine and you forced her to go! Plus, if the life there was so good, why did she kill herself? Song Huan, were you behind all that?”

“Xiaxia! I’m your father! How can you call me by my name?!” Mr. Song was vexed. “You’re my daughter. Why should I lie to you?”

“Have I irritated you? Are you going to send me there if I cross you in some way?” Tears welled up in An Xiaxia’s eyes. “I hate you! I hate you so much! I don’t care if you give me all the shares in the world. I want my mother! Can you bring her back?”

Mr. Song was silent.

He wasn’t proud of what he had done back then… but he didn’t think he was the only one to be blamed.

“Do you miss your mum?” he murmured. “Xiaxia… I loved your mum very much, too…”

“Shut up! You don’t deserve to mention her!” An Xiaxia snapped.

If he really loved her, why did he bring Song Qingwan into this world?

Song Qingwan was even a few months older than she was!

He had cheated on her mother! He had betrayed his wife!

Little Hope was scared and broke into tears. Hearing her cry, Mr. Song hurried to their side and said, “Let me hold her.”

Maybe because of his old age, he had grown very fond of little kids.

“No, you won’t! Are you going to send little Hope to a mental hospital if she crosses you?” An Xiaxia said sarcastically. “She’s going to take a nap now.”

She stormed out of the study with little Hope in her arms.

Mr. Song burst out in a fit of coughing and he covered his mouth with a handkerchief.

A couple of minutes later, he put down the handkerchief, which was now covered with blood.

Would he be able to earn her forgiveness before he died…

Early the next morning, An Xiaxia was woken up by a servant.

“Miss, it’s time for breakfast.”

Deprived of her morning sleep, An Xiaxia went grumpily downstairs.

A woman in a dark purple dress and her hair in a bun greeted her in a gentle voice. “You’re Qingchen, I presume?”

An Xiaxia raised her eyebrows, a little surprised.

It was Chu Zhiyun…

The famous award-winning actress…

She held An Xiaxia’s arm and said, “Here, have some breakfast.”

An Xiaxia sat down in confusion. “And you’re…”

Chu Zhiyun smiled. “I’m Qingwan’s mum… I heard that you don’t feel so well, so Brother Huan sent me to look after you…”

As if a thunderbolt had exploded in her head, An Xiaxia dropped her chopsticks. “Qingwan’s mum?”

Shit! She was that mistress!

Having worked as a reporter, she had fair knowledge of the current celebrities. Chu Zhiyun was only forty years old.

Song Qingwan was her own age, 24.

So… Auntie Mistress here had had an affair with Mr. Song when she was only 16?

An Xiaxia felt like throwing up.