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Chapter 688: The Heir Is Here (6)

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An Xiaxia stood next to Mr. Song, her cheeks numb from all the smiling.

As it turned out, being a socialite wasn’t easy…

A voice came to her rescue. “Miss Song, would you like to dance with me?”

An Xiaxia looked up, only to see Sheng Yize standing in front of her. After much hesitation, she refused solemnly, “No, thanks…”

She’d rather keep smiling than dance with Sheng Yize.

Qi Yanxi popped up out of nowhere. “Dance with me, then!”

Before An Xiaxia could reply, Sheng Yize gave Qi Yanxi a brooding smile. “How about I dance with you?”

Qi Yanxi: … Fine, I’ll go back to licking my wounds.

In the end, An Xiaxia was still pulled onto the dance floor by a certain domineering guy.

She was a terrible dancer. She only knew the most basic moves and she kept stepping on Sheng Yize’s toes.

“Sorry. I’m so sorry…” After stepping on his feet for the hundredth time, An Xiaxia apologized embarrassedly. “Does it hurt?”

Sheng Yize said quietly, “Would you like to try it yourself?”

“Teehee…” An Xiaxia chuckled awkwardly and looked around. “Why is the hair on my back standing up…”

“What have you done this time?” Sheng Yize snorted.

“Nothing…” An Xiaxia trusted her sixth sense and she had a very bad feeling at the moment.

“Isn’t letting me down enough to make you feel that way?” Sheng Yize raised an eyebrow.

An Xiaxia was embarrassed. “I thought we agreed…” — that he would give her some time.

That “we” obviously pleased Sheng Yize and he twirled her around in his arms. Just then, a servant came in with a baby. She went up to An Xiaxia hesitantly. “Miss… Mr. An sent you this kid.”

An Xiaxia stopped dancing. She didn’t realize that a lot of the guests were watching her now.

Seeing this, Qi Yanxi rushed to her side, looking frightened. “Where did this kid come from? Take her away! Now!”

“Keep your voice down!” An Xiaxia glared at him. “She’s my baby!”

Taking the kid out of the servant’s hands, she held her in her arms and cajoled her.

Little Hope nibbled her fingers, looking at An Xiaxia with her big innocent eyes.

An Xiaxia had taken Hope back to Ye City after that incident and had gotten An Yibei to check her background. The poor kid had lost all her family in that disaster and the only relative left was a distant uncle, who spent his days drinking and gambling. An Xiaxia didn’t trust the man, so she had left the baby with social services.

But… why had An Yibei sent the kid here now?

Despite her confusion, An Xiaxia liked little Hope wholeheartedly. She hummed a tune for her, which made little Hope giggle.

“Get some rest. I’ll take her.” Sheng Yize smiled and took the baby.

An Xiaxia realized that he was holding the baby with perfect arm placement — so much so that he could be put into a pregnancy guidebook.

Qi Yanxi pressed a hand to his chest with a painful look on his face.

Not only was Xiaxia pregnant… she had already given birth to a child?

Sheng Yize, you animal!

“Flower Qi, are you alright?” An Xiaxia waved her hand in front of his face.

Qi Yanxi pounded his chest and stomped his foot. “Why is fate doing this to me?!”

He left the banquet after crying those words, which completely baffled An Xiaxia.

“What’s wrong with him?” An Xiaxia was confused.

With little Hope in his arms, Sheng Yize batted his eyelashes innocently. “Who knows.”

This scene successfully scattered all those who were hoping for the opportunity to join with the Song family through marriage.

They had a baby together already. Why bother?

Sheng Yize smiled cunningly. Killing two birds with one stone was such an excellent plan…