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Chapter 683: The Heir Is Here (1)

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An Xiaxia blushed. “You’re such a dog!”

Sheng Yize’s forehead was covered in sweat. He ripped his tie off, unbuttoned his shirt, and went on telling her off. “Why? You have something to say? If you don’t like what I’m saying, be smart next time! Do you know you could have died there? Don’t walk away with strangers! Aren’t you a little too old to be told that?!”

“He wasn’t a stranger. He was Mr. Song’s driver…” An Xiaxia tried to explain.

How was she supposed to know that the driver had been bought?

“From now on, you’ll trust nobody but me!” Sheng Yize stared at her with his piercing eyes. “Got it?”

An Xiaxia shuddered. She nodded immediately.

Sheng Yize panted and raised her chin. From An Xiaxia’s angle, she could see his heaving chest and even his nipples…

Gulp —

She swallowed, unable to control herself.

Sheng Yize was going to reprimand her, but forgot all about it when he saw her reaction.

“Keep that in mind!” he said sternly. An Xiaxia then licked her lips, which made his pupils contract.

Somehow, An Xiaxia could always hit the softest spot in his heart.

“There’s something I need to tell you…”

“Huh?” Sheng Yize narrowed his eyes. After calming down from her narrow escape from death, he could only hear one voice in his head.

At that critical moment, she said: I love you .

No one would lie in such a situation.

“I – I…” An Xiaxia stammered, which softened Sheng Yize’s heart. He said gently, “Slow down. There’s no need to rush.”

Was she going to confess her love or was she going to tell him about her unspoken predicament from seven years ago?

Just tell me, dummy.

Tell me and I’ll… forgive you.

“I’m getting a nosebleed…” An Xiaxia shattered his fantasy.

Sheng Yize held her chin in one hand and was infuriated. “Not now!”

An Xiaxia: … Why did that sound so familiar?

She tilted her head back. With the IV still in one hand, she covered her nose with the other, making quite a mess.

With a grim face, Sheng Yize took some tissue and stuffed it into her nostrils.

Her blood was all over his hand and he said sarcastically, “I see you’re getting excited.”

An Xiaxia blushed and looked away. “I – I can handle it myself… don’t come close…”

Oh? Following her gaze, Sheng Yize realized that she was eyeing his bare chest.

“Tsk, tsk. Who’s the dog now?” Sheng Yize said in disdain, which made An Xiaxia even more bashful. She said in vexation, “Put your shirt on!”

“Snap at me again and I’ll take my trousers off.”

An Xiaxia didn’t dare say another word.

Sheng Yize had become much more shameless over the years.

“Tsk, tsk. Your nose is running.” Sheng Yize frowned. He then wiped her nose with a clean tissue.

An Xiaxia’s cheeks were glowing pink. “I didn’t ask you to do that!”

“I’m doing it because I can,” Sheng Yize said lazily. He then lowered his voice. “Don’t worry, even with a runny nose, you’re still the most adorable and beautiful…”

An Xiaxia snapped. “Enough! That’s so icky!”

Sheng Yize stopped her chattering mouth with his. He pressed her down on the bed and deepened that kiss…

An Xiaxia feared that she might pull the needle out of her hand and didn’t dare struggle, which only made it easier for Sheng Yize.

His big hands reached into her hospital gown and he grunted with satisfaction after squeezing her here and there. Exasperated, An Xiaxia bit him. “Take your hand out!”

“You’re my wife and it’s where my hands are supposed to be,” he said matter-of-factly.