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Chapter 682: You Mean the World to Me (14)

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An Xiaxia had banged with all her strength, but the window glass only cracked a little.

The car was less than 500m from the cliff.

She sobbed, “I love you.”

She owed Sheng Yize that from seven years ago.

The thought of dying had made her summon all the courage she didn’t know she had.

“Always…” Her voice was choked with her weeping.

Bang —

A Lamborghini crashed into her car. It moved a few more meters, scraping the road before… the engine stalled.

A man jumped out of the Lamborghini, his head covered in blood. He grinned widely at her. “Little Dummy Xia, long time no see!”

An Xiaxia was dumbfounded. It took her a moment to recognize Qi Yanxi.

He took some tools out of his car, smashed the window with a few strikes, and pulled An Xiaxia out.

He was taller than before. In his Armani suit and shiny watch, he looked all grown up now. However, that smile on his face was as silly as before.

He snatched An Xiaxia’s phone away and said cockily into it, “Hey, Sheng Yize, I saved Xiaxia this time! I now officially claim her as mine! Bye, Sheng Yize!”

He then tossed An Xiaxia’s phone aside.

An Xiaxia was baffled. “Why did you throw my phone away?”

Qi Yanxi chuckled. “I thought it looked more impressive that way…”

He wobbled, then leaned against An Xiaxia’s shoulder and said weakly, “It was awesome to crash a car… Little Dummy Xia, can you drive? Take me to a hospital… wait, can you stop my bleeding first…”

His eyes then rolled up and he fainted.

An Xiaxia took his weight on her shoulder right away, feeling sad and moved at the same time.

In that moment of life and death, she had forgotten that she had asked Qi Yanxi for help.

As it turned out, Qi Yanxi was the one who came to her rescue!

Having been around Papa An all these years, she had learned a thing or two about first aid treatment. She quickly treated Qi Yanxi’s wound.

She then lay Qi Yanxi flat on the ground and checked the two cars. Both were pretty much wasted and there was even smoke rising from the engine of the race car. There was no way she could start it again.

After searching Qi Yanxi’s pockets, she was relieved to find a phone on him.

She called 120, then sat down next to Qi Yanxi and let out a breath of relief.

Once she calmed down, she recognized a familiar cigarette smell.

With shaking hands, she took out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter from his pocket.

It was the same cigarette she had smelled on the person who had saved her three times.

The hospital.

Qi Yanxi was sent to the ER. The doctor examined An Xiaxia, then hooked her up to an IV as well.

The door of her ward was kicked open. “Where is she?”

Seeing An Xiaxia sitting there safe and sound, he strode toward her, looking anxious. “How do you feel? Does it hurt anywhere? Has the doctor examined you?”

An Xiaxia looked befuddled. “I’m alright… Sheng Yize, is that you?”

“Yes!” Sheng Yize took her hand.

“But isn’t Ye City… a few hours’ drive from here?” It hadn’t been an hour since she called him. Had he flown here?

“I flew here myself,” Sheng Yize said casually. He walked around her, making sure that she wasn’t injured anywhere, and let out a breath of relief.

An Xiaxia was surprised. “You know how to fly an airplane?”

“Yup,” he replied in a careless tone, then scolded her. “How dumb can you get?! How could you fall for it so easily? How come your brain didn’t grow the way your breasts did?”