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Chapter 678: You Mean the World to Me (10)

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The next second, her kiss landed on his mouth.

Sheng Yize froze and wondered if he wasn’t going a little overboard by doing this… taking advantage of An Xiaxia now, when she had an IQ no higher than a three-year-old.

On second thought, well, why shouldn’t he? She was the wife he was going to get back with.

Putting his hand on the back of An Xiaxia’s head, he pressed her closer to him and deepened that kiss…

An Yibei checked his watch and frowned.

Had An Xiaxia fallen into the toilet? She should have come back a while ago.

“I’ll go get her.” An Yibei rose to his feet and went out.

He called An Xiaxia on her phone outside the toilet, but she didn’t pick up.

On his way back, he called her again.

Faintly, he heard An Xiaxia’s ringtone, which was the theme song of some cartoon, coming from a private room nearby…

She couldn’t have run into the wrong room… could she?

An Yibei gave the door a quick knock, then rushed in.

At that moment, Sheng Yize was enjoying the passionate kiss from An Xiaxia while moving his big hands all over her body…

Spellbound by this intimacy, he was interrupted by an exasperated voice. “Sheng Yize! You bastard! You’re an animal!”

Frightened, An Xiaxia sat down and just happened to land on a certain body part of Sheng Yize’s.

Sheng Yize grumbled, picked her up, and sat her down next to him.

Looking up, he saw An Yibei glaring at him like some demon out of hell and giving off a bone-chillingly cold air. “Hands off her!”

Sheng Yize said innocently, “Get your facts straight. I’m not the animal here.”

An Xiaxia mumbled, “Kiss kiss… gimme kiss kiss.” She was going to get a lot of candy, teehee~

She wouldn’t keep her hands off Sheng Yize, whose shirt had been all crumpled up under her groping hands. A few buttons had been ripped off, revealing the muscular chest beneath. There were teeth marks on his chest, which were clearly An Xiaxia’s work…

An Yibei cleared his throat. “An Xiaxia, get back here!”

An Xiaxia faintly realized that someone was threatening her. Scared, she wrapped her arms tightly around Sheng Yize. “Hm… no!”

No one would give her candy if she went back!

An Yibei was infuriated. He then dragged her to his side himself while An Xiaxia howled and stomped her foot. “Let go of me! I don’t want to leave him! I want to kiss him! Sob … you bad man! Bad, bad man!”

An Yibei was sure he was getting a stroke. She could use a good smack on the head right here and right now.

Sheng Yize watched their interactions with great interest. He then picked up a glass of wine and sipped it.

“I’ll never leave you.”

Sheng Yize was astonished by that claim, then An Xiaxia added with tears in her eyes, “Until you pay me my candy.”

Ahem — Sheng Yize choked on his wine.

“One kiss for one candy, you said so. I’ve kissed you many many times, so you owe me many many candies,” An Xiaxia said in a serious tone, counting on her fingers.

An Yibei’s knuckles made cracking sounds as he asked quietly, “How would you like to die?!”

Sheng Yize rubbed his nose. “Of a natural cause?”

“I can cut that short for you!” An Yibei grinned maliciously.


An Yibei was going to move in on Sheng Yize when An Xiaxia began to yell, “It’s coming out! It’s coming out!”

An Yibei tripped over his own feet and almost fell down.

“What’s coming out?”

“The dead body of my meat!” An Xiaxia said seriously.

An Yibei was confused. Sheng Yize cleared his throat, looking awkward. “I think… she wants to empty her bowels…”

Dead body of meat = shit.

“Not now!” An Yibei snapped!