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Chapter 677: You Mean the World to Me (9)

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“Heh.” Sheng Yize laughed grimly. “Don’t bother. I know her.”

“Oh… and may I ask who she is?”

“My wife.”

A strange silence filled the room and everyone looked shocked.

Holy crap. This drunken woman was Mr. Sheng’s wife?

Everyone began to steal glances at An Xiaxia: nice face and nicer body, tsk, tsk. It was only that she didn’t look familiar at all, and they all wondered which family’s heiress she might be.

“Congratulations, Mr. Sheng. You two make such a perfect couple!” Around the dinner table, everyone poured the flattery on thick, and they all knew better than to ask about the never-heard-of wedding.

Sheng Yize accepted it all. He raised his chin and nodded. “Thank you.”

After much waiting, An Xiaxia still hadn’t found her meat. She lost her temper and began to spit at the person next to her. “Where’s my meat? Sob … you took my meat!”

It just so happened that she was sitting right next to… Sheng Yize.

Everyone else’s mouths fell open. Mrs. Sheng here really… didn’t care about petty formalities at all.

Sheng Yize calmly wiped the spit away and asked gently, “How about some rabbit meat?”

Tsk, tsk, talking about feeding a rabbit to a bunny.

An Xiaxia gave him an adorable nod. “Yes!”

Sheng Yize picked a rabbit head for her and she gnawed on it happily.

A couple of seconds later, she said with teary eyes, “It’s too spicy…”

Sheng Yize fought back his laughter. “Have some more and it won’t be so spicy.”



An Xiaxia quickly went back to gnawing on it, only to realize that it was getting spicier…

The others were all speechless. Mr. Sheng wasn’t only relentless when it came to his opponents, he wouldn’t even make an exception for his own wife!

The rabbit head had been seasoned with all sorts of chillies, peppers, and spices, and An Xiaxia’s tongue had gone numb. She pouted at Sheng Yize. “Hoo hoo.”

“Huh?” Sheng Yize was baffled.

“Blow on it. So spicy.” An Xiaxia was so aggrieved that she even stuck out her pink tongue…

Sheng Yize scanned the room with his eyes, his expression turning dark. The others immediately rose to their feet, making their excuses to leave.

“Gosh, I just remembered my blanket is still hanging outside!”

“That’s right. I need to bring my laundry in, too.”

“Ah… I have to go back home and cajole my wife now! Talk to you guys later!”


The roomful of people soon disappeared.

Sheng Yize lowered his head and blew on her mouth rigidly. An Xiaxia kept sticking out her tongue like a puppy, which only made the look in Sheng Yize’s eyes more brooding…

His body was more honest than this mind and a certain body part soon woke up. Sheng Yize cursed under his breath, then tossed her a bottle of water. “Rinse your mouth yourself!”

An Xiaxia gulped down the entire bottle before the spicy taste in her mouth finally subsided a little. She then moved closer to him, still giddy from alcohol. “Kiss kiss!”

Sheng Yize had just managed to suppress his urge, but it came back up at her words.

“Kiss my ass!” he cursed under his breath.

An Xiaxia tilted her head and pondered over those words for a long moment before saying earnestly, “I don’t think I want to do that.”

“Idiot!” Sheng Yize had just bellowed the word when An Xiaxia threw her soft body into his arms and rubbed her head against his chest. “Mwa~”

Sheng Yize gritted his teeth. This woman was killing him!

He kiss her hard on the mouth once. “There! Now get up!”

An Xiaxia reached out with an open palm. “Candy. Kiss kiss, then candy.”


It was only then that Sheng Yize remembered why Xiaxia acted this adorable way when she got drunk…

She wanted candy.



So, had he just been played? Had he just lost to some sweets?

On a whim, he decided to turn this into a prank. “One candy for a kiss. So, I’ll let you decide what to do.”

“Huh?” An Xiaxia blinked, only partially comprehending his words.